The California Wine Club presents Mengler Family Winery

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“Our philosophy is to use only Sonoma County fruit, only American oak barrels, and to include family and friends in our wine production endeavor,” says Founder/Winemaker Chris Mengler. “Family and friends do the harvesting, crushing and de-stemming. I finish the winemaking, then it’s off in barrels for aging.”

How to Prepare Wine for a Party

A party is not complete without a bottle or two of fine wine, so if you are planning to throw a party, make sure there is enough wine. Read along and discover tips in buying and preparing wine for your next party at home.

Guide to Cleaning Your Wine Cooler

Just like any other equipment at home, your wine chiller needs to be cleaned regularly to make it last longer and allow it to function at its best. Here are some important tips to cleaning your wine cooler. Before Cleaning any wine fridge or wine cooler, please refer to the instruction manual of your specific wine fridge.

Getting to Know the Less Celebrated White Wines

Although red wines are enjoying more popularity these days due to some health benefits attributed to them, white wines are not given a lot of attention now. Get to know more about whites and discover what you may be missing in terms of your wine experience.

Getting a Few Facts Straight About Wines

If you want to maximize your enjoyment of your favorite wine, try to find out as much as you can about it and be sure to separate fact from fiction. Know how to spot a good wine and how to best enjoy it in terms of storing temperature and food pairings.

The Art Form That Is Wine Appreciation

For true wine aficionados, drinking wine is not just about getting intoxicated. For them, appreciating it is considered an art form and is a far better multi-sensory experience compared to just drinking beer or soda.

Facts About Using Wine Filters

Most winemakers prefer to use wine filters so that they can make the wine stable from the microbial standpoint. This prevents the wine from deteriorating during the retail cycle.

Pairing Mexican Craft Beer With Mezcal in Oaxaca

The southern Mexico state of Oaxaca is known for its agave-based spirit, mezcal. In 2011 it opened its first nano-brewery, Teufel. More recently Teufel has caused Oaxaca’s star to rise even higher, with its initiative to teach the public about pairing craft beer and mezcal. The inaugural tasting events, held in early 2013, reveal promise for this unique pairing, beyond the state’s borders, beyond Mexico as a whole, and even beyond Canada and the US.

Big Names May Be Behind The Once Family Winery

Think about what it takes to manage say 50 wineries you own that are all located around the World. There are some big name owners in the wine business and they own some big name wine properties. The biggest of the players are Treasury Estates and Constellation who own more than 80 wineries. We are talking big business.

A History Of Wine Making In Marlborough

Film, art, adventure sports and beautiful landscapes, New Zealand is known for a lot of things. For a small country, we’ve exported our fair share of innovations and great ideas – Kiwi culture has become recognised and loved all over the world. The only thing that should trump the iconic image of the New Zealand sheep and the Kiwi bird itself is the country’s award-winning selection of wines.

Grapes For Wine Start With A Small Flower, But Have You Ever Seen One?

We all know that fruit comes from a flowering tree. We all know there peach blossoms, cherry blossoms and even the tomato’s start with a little flower. Have you ever notice a grape vine blossom that turns into wine?

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