The California Wine Club presents La Vigne Winery

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This video is about The California Wine Club presents La Vigne Winery

Barrel Fever

As we prepare for harvest here at the winery, it would look as though we were plagued with barrel fever. Last years’ barrels have been emptied for bottle aging.

Important Information on Grape Growing And Wine Making

In order to be a successful grape grower, you need to get the right information about grape growing. This article will harm you with the accurate information that you’ll need to grow grapes and make wine. You will learn many interesting facts including what grape species are used to make wine, why they are used to make wine, how to start your first vineyard, and how to care for your vine.

IKEA Wine Rack – For Personal Use Or the Perfect Gift

Whether you’re shopping for your own home use or for the perfect gift for a wine aficionado in your life, an IKEA wine rack can be just want you’re looking for. These affordable and attractive racks are a welcomed alternative to the standard pricier models of the past.

Five Ways to Fine Tune Your Wine Smelling and Tasting Skills

Many of us struggle with smelling and tasting the cherries, raspberries and leather that the winemaker says we should smell and taste in his or her wine. This article provides suggestions to help you improve your smelling and tasting skills.

The Wine You Like

There are a lot of kinds of wine you can enjoy. there is the red one, the white one, the dry one, the sweet one and the demi one. Here are a few pieces of information to help you with associating wine with different sorts of food.

Australia Wine Agents Fix Global Demand

Australian wine exports make a major contribution to the economy. With increasing regions in Australia coming under wineries Australian wine is becoming a major export commodity. The wine agents ship the best wine to mature in your cellars.

Homemade Wine Recipes

Making wine is an age old practice, and one that continues to be popular today. If you’re interest in making wine, you’ll want to check out homemade wine recipes, of which there are many to choose. Regardless of which you choose, homemade wine recipes basically consist of the same steps.

What Is Fat Bastard Wine?

Fat Bastard Wine is produced though unique method and by a winery that is known for its rebellious nature and general distaste for the pretentiousness and clamor of the wine industry as a whole. The founders of the winery are two of the most accomplished men in the industry and they stumbled upon their wine making methods though happenstance, generating one of the most robust and well flavored wine making methods in the contemporary wine industry.

Making Wine at Home – For Beginners

If you have thought about making wine at home, then you will want to do a little research. Wine making is not something just anyone can jump into and be successful right off the bat. You will need to do your homework and ensure you have the proper grapes and conditions in order to produce wine in the first place.

Whiskey Decanters – Perfect Gift for Christmas

The best gift idea for this Christmas can very well be a set of Whiskey Decanters, it is quite handy and every day object which the receiver will definitely appreciate. An interesting fact that came up in search for is that they are the most popular promotional gift for many celebrities also. While the sturdy whiskey bottles have always been popular these days are also some real intricate and smart ones in the market also making them a perfect gift.

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