The California Wine Club Presents Krupp Vineyard

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This wine pays tribute to the ancient craft of dowsing (water finding) that made both Napa’s iconic Stagecoach Vineyard and Krupp Brothers Winery possible. In 1989, a love of farming and winemaking led physician Dr. Jan Krupp to move to a vineyard property in Napa Valley. Soon after, the next door mountain property became available for sale, and Jan, with his brother Bart, transformed it into Stagecoach Vineyard.

Best Wine in the World History

Are you wondering which the best wine in the world is? Many practical and geographical reasons are there to support that Champagne is indeed a serious contender for such a title. But what is the history behind the invention of its bubbles?

Types of Wines

Australian wine, which is known for its delicate and fine taste, is the hottest one around. Whether it is the bold and strong Shiraz, or the eccentric stickies, the Australian grown grapes have no match in terms of taste and quality. Due to the hundreds of different kinds of varies being grown in different regions, wine lovers now have greater choice than ever before.

Pinot Noir: Your Sweet Choice

Pinot Noir is a popular red wine that is loved by most elite wine drinkers and experts. The name comes from its type of grape. There are many vineyards of this grape type; and there are an increasing number of producers of Pinot Noir in the past decade.

Tips for Wine for Beginners

Wine is a very poplar drink, but many people don’t understand how to taste it. Like with anything it has a very unique taste, which can be learnt to be appreciated. This article gives some helpful tips and some advice for people learning to taste wine.

Homebrew Wine Is Not What It Used to Be

With the increase of duty on beer, lager, cider and wine, and with the threat of minimum pricing per unit, people are turning back to brewing their own. Only they are finding there have been some huge changes in the last 30 years. Even in the last 10 years, there have been huge advances in the way homebrew kits are made.

The Beauty of Wine Art

Nowadays, wine art decorations have become homemakers’ hobby and a unique activity in making their homes more presentable and stylish. Wine has been the most popular drink in all the world; a very treasured component in the lives of people who share special events and celebrations. Many people enjoy drinking wine and making it a part of their lives.

Sipping and Soaking – The Art of Bathing With Essential Oils and Pairing Them With Wine

I’ve always enjoyed soaking in the tub and enjoying the emotional and physical benefits of bath scrubs and salts. On occasion I have also enjoyed pairing this ‘love-me’ activity with a glass of chilled wine. It is the perfect hot and steamy date with moi!

Chardonnay: The Best White Wine

White wines are one of the best in the world and we know for a fact that most of the popular ones come from the Chardonnay grape. People all over the world have embraced the fame and great taste of this royalty.

Knowledge About Wines Helps You In Getting A Job In Hospitality

Knowledge is man’s most powerful tool. Wine is nature’s gift for man. Having the right knowledge about wines is useful to people who need it and it can even change their perceptions, tastes, and choices.

The Wines of La Rioja

The reputation of Spanish wines has fluctuated wildly over the centuries; going from supposedly excellent quality rustic wines from before the 20th century, to a dip in general public opinion which is still detectable to this day. However, there is one particular region which is home to what is widely regarded to be one of the finest wines available from anywhere in Europe, and that is La Rioja.

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