The California Wine Club presents Courtney Benham Winery

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Courtney Benham has seen wine from every which way, and his small artisan winery is the culmination of years of dedication. During more than two decades in the wine business, Courtney has come to know wine from many angles. Growing up, he worked hard in his dad’s Central Valley vineyards. In his twenties, with his brother he created the fantastically successful Blackstone brand. After selling that venture, Courtney created Martin Ray Winery to produce high-end varietal wines in honor of this legendary California winemaker. His Courtney Benham Wines give consumers another great choice and has led him to become more involved with the production of wine and different winemaking techniques.

Wine Making Recipes – Concord

With the price of wine in the market today it’s no wonder that more people are making homemade wine. However, some people take wine making very seriously and insist on using only the finest ingredients when making their wine. The wine making recipes that they use are usually passed down from one generation to the next. What might surprise you is just how simple some of these recipes really are. The wine making process is also simple enough to follow, but what most people lack is patience. Would you like to learn how to make wine? Are you able to follow a recipe, and are willing to wait for the wine to age? Then try this recipe for Concord grape wine that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur.

Small Wine Chillers – Enjoy Entertaining Without Worrying About Wine Storage

Are you looking forward to entertaining friends & family over the festive season? Do you have enough room to store the drinks? Have you thought about looking at the options of Small Wine Chillers? If you don’t want to spend ages searching the internet for ideas read on.

A Review Of Moet and Amp – Chandon Non Vintage Brut Imperial Champagne

No matter if you have a passion for champagne or sparkling white wine, Moet & Chandon brut imperial champagne is just perfect for that special occasion or romantic night out. One of the wine worlds best known brands, it has a seductive and rich flavor. Only grapes grown in the Champagne region of France can be turned into “champagne” wines, and this name is reserved in most countries of the world.

What Makes a Great Bar?

If you’re planning a night out soon, you may be on the look out for some excellent bars to visit. But what makes a great bar? Here are are 10 things to look out for.

I’m Not Drinking Any Merlot!

Merlot has a bad reputation. I’m not sure what gave Merlot such a low status.

Wine Tasting – Israeli Wine

There are many countries in the world that produce wine. Many of them are quite unknown to the main stream wine market. Countries such as Argentina, Italy, France, and Spain rule the market with an iron fist. There are however many other countries that produce excellent wines as well. One of those is Israel. Many people do not associate wine with Israel. The truth of the matter is that Israel produces some top tier wines. Although it may not be quite to the level of a Malbec from Argentina, or Bordeaux from France, Israeli wines are definitely worth a try. Fortunately for you I have written an article that will inform you about Israeli wine so that the next time you purchase wine for your wine tasting party or family dinner you will perhaps be inclined to give their wine a try.

Wine Tasting – Wine From Patagonia, Argentina

The wines that come from Argentina are awesome. They are awesome for a few reasons. Argentine wine is very cheap, but also very delicious. The main wine producing regions of Argentina are Mendoza, Catamarca, La Rioja, San Juan, and Patagonia. Patagonia is known for its great skiing and chocolate. The most well-known city in Patagonia is Bariloche.

Some Hints to Read Wine Label

When talking about wine labeling, you will find that it might different in each country. This makes manufacturers have to confirm the laws of the countries where the wine is produced and the wine will be sold. You will find that the newer labels will help you to find the details about the wine. You will also find that some labels are difficult to read.

Info on Belgian Beer Glasses

In Belgium, people celebrate beer in a special way. Many native beers and a unique glass for serving each type exist. Beer aficionados are also keen on the type of foods that a given beer type must harmonize. In simpler words, Belgian beer glasses have a meaning.

The Day Before Beer Was Invented

There are plenty of myths that exist about the invention of beer. I recall a story told to me by my grandfather about the nomads who invented the first form of beer. It was made from grain and water before an accident with yeast created the first loaf of bread. Have you ever wondered what the world might have been like the day before the first beer was invented?

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