The California Wine Club Presents Cornerstone Winery

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In 1979 Craig Camp gave up his career in journalism to become part of the story that flows from the vine to the glass. In 1991, a love of Bordeaux wines and a dream of creating his own Napa Valley winery inspired Dr. Michael Dragutsky, a Tennessee gastroenterologist, to inaugurate Cornerstone Cellars. In 2008 they joined forces to intertwine their talents and vision and Cornerstone Cellars was reborn in the Napa Valley and Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Today they are joined by winemakers Kari Auringer in the Napa Valley and Tony Rynders in Oregon.

Growing Concord Grapes Essentials

Growing concord grapes is not as hard as you may think, and finding the seeds can be found just about anywhere. This article provide the essentials on growing this type of grape. Soil, structure, care, trellis, compost ect. all to grow a successful vineyard.

How to Grow a Successful Grape Vine

Beginners should start out with a few vines, in other words 10. Making sure that your vineyard gets adequate sunlight and air is also a necessity of having a healthy vineyard. Many other aspects listed in this article play an important role.

Beer Tasting – How To Really Do It

Do you always gulp down beer? Remember to taste it. Beer is an enjoyable experience and learning to really taste beer will heighten your pleasure of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage.

Gift Baskets and Wine to Warm Our Hearts In The Season of Giving

It begins with that cool air that touches our skin followed by that rain of white particles that surround our parks and streets. Before we know it, Christmas is around the corner. Along with all the merrymaking, gift-giving is another way to feel the joy of the holiday.

Wine Making Process

Wine has been around for a thousand of years accompanying countless celebrations and good food. Almost everyone knows wine comes from grapes. But is never too late to know something more about this well esteemed beverage.

Wine Bag Carrier Carries Your Wine in Style

Wine Bag carrier is available in variety of shapes and designs. You can buy them and carry your wine in style, you can gift them in style too.

Choosing The Best Grapes for Growing

The Best Grapes for Growing a Successful Vineyard talk about the most popular grapes used to grow successful. Hybrid grapes, Concord grapes, Muscadine grapes, the best season to grow and you can do with the grapes!

Aerate With Abandon – Your Wine Will Thank You

Decanting is great if you have an hour or more to let your bottle breathe but when you want to break out a second vintage at the dinner table, you may need more than a wide mouthed carafe. You need an aerator. An aerator will transform your inexpensive bottle into the perfect vintage in seconds, not hours.

Discover The Best Way To Personalize Your Wine Bottle Labels

Have you ever been in a situation where you could not find the most creative and personal give-away for a special occasion? Well, a personalized wine present would simply suit any occasion. Making your own wine bottle labels and putting personal messages, pictures and special touches to make it individualized is the ultimate gift that will surely be appreciated.

Hand Painted Wine Glasses: Treasures for Any Event or Occasion

Wine glasses come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. One way to set your glassware apart from the myriad of others is to own custom hand painted wine glasses. Most people find this to be the next evolution of adult beverage glassware.

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