The California Wine Club Introduces Vinum Cellars

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Since 1990, club owners Bruce and Pam Boring have traveled California’s wine country searching for limited-production wines from small, family-owned wineries dedicated to the art of making fine wine. Whether for yourself or a gift, The California Wine Club is an adventure in wine tasting that will not be experienced anywhere else. Visit our website at

What Is Champagne?

Champagne represents many things for many people. The taste can remind you of your 18th birthday, of the day you graduated, an engagement and then a wedding. A Champagne gift is one of the best gifts you can receive as it usually signals a reward for something you have worked hard at. Whether it be an exam, a milestone in terms of age, or a relationship that has developed. It can also be the sign of sophistication at an elegant and luxurious party.

Beautiful Wine Labels – Eight Arms Cellars Grabs Big Accolades

With the recent release of their 2008 Syrah called “The Tentacle,” Eight Arms Cellars is turning a lot of heads. Award winning bottle in hand, we explore the reasons why this wine label is “grabbing” so much attention.

Finding The Right Glass

Picking wine glasses can be easy or difficult, depending on the sort of wines that one wants to serve in them. It might be that one only needs to worry about having a basic selection of glassware available to service a basic selection of drinks, but it might be that great care is needed to choose the right shape for use with an exceptional or otherwise delicate vintage that deserves something more specifically suited to its needs. Naturally, one needs to know which is the case before making any purchase.

What Is Wine Oaking?

Some of the wines that can easily benefit from oak chips are Burgundy, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnays, Cabernets, Chianti and Merlots. But what is oaking in the first place?

Basics Of Wine Making For Best Wine Results

If you’ve never made wine before, you need to learn about some basics prior to starting the project in order to ensure good results. It is important to understand more about the basics of wine making and the wine background to have a general understanding of what awaits you when you start making your own first batch of wine.

Leading Wine Producers And Some Exotic Wines

Over the history, wine has been produced throughout the world, using different varieties of grapes, varieties of yeast and are also distinctly different to each other in the process they are made. The best wine producers in the world are France, Italy and Spain. We will now look into the details of each one of them.

Red Wine Varietals – Syrah (Shiraz)

One of the most popular types of Australian wine is Shiraz. It is commonly called Syrah when produced in other countries such as Argentina. It is one of the most popular grape varietals in the world. This article will provide you with the proper information to become a Syrah expert.

Definition and Origin of Craft Beer

If you are a beer drinker you might already heard about craft beer. But probably you don’t know yet its meaning and where does it originated. Craft beer is a characteristically flavored beer that is brewed in traditional way and distributed regionally.

Drinking Wine and Your Health

Drinking wine is not of itself bad for most adults. Wine, like all alcohol beverages, should be consumed in moderation. Ongoing research is showing that some wine consumption can be healthy.

Beautiful Wine Labels – Should Prime Cellars Go Paperless?

Many existing wine labels are perfect for screen printed (paperless) labeling. Prime Cellars is a perfect example, and we have some thoughts on why they should go paperless with all of their wines.

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