The California Wine Club Introduces Victor Vineyards

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Since 1990, club owners Bruce and Pam Boring have traveled California’s wine country searching for limited-production wines from small, family-owned wineries dedicated to the art of making fine wine. Whether for yourself or a gift, The California Wine Club is an adventure in wine tasting that will not be experienced anywhere else. Visit our website at

Barossa Valley Grapes

South Australia’s Barossa Valley is one of the top makers of red and white wines in the state. The writing mentions the grapes that are cultivated in Barossa Valley vineyards.

How to Choose The Right Wine Glass for Your Wine

To make sure you’re getting the very best from your wine, all specialists agree that there is an art and a science to capturing the very best that wine has to offer. Depending on the glass you choose, you can enhance the smell of the wine, the flavour and even that shimmering colour. There are some basic points you can bear in mind when choosing a new wine glass to help get you started.

Tips On Wine Coolers

If you are store wine properly you will be ensured that the wine will taste better. There are people who love red wine while there are people who love white wine. Such people can store the wine in a wine storage unit, but at the same time it is a must for them that they should have a perfect wine cooler to suit their preferences such as storage space, size, looks as well as usability. When you want to purchase a wine cooler make sure that you consider the following points mentioned in this article.

Decant Your Wine

Using decanters is the best way to make sure that one can enjoy any wine as much as the vintage deserves. That gives it the chance to breathe properly, so that it’ll taste better than it would if just poured straight out of the bottle – all kinds of impurities get oxidized so that they won’t have the same impact on the flavor of drink one’s enjoying. No one wants to deal with anything less than the best in any wine, so getting the ideal presentation from one is always the way to go.

Enjoy A Glass Of Wine

You can enjoy a glass of wine anywhere you are: home, restaurant, friend’s house, ball park – makes no difference. The most important thing to realize is that no matter what wine you enjoy the most, you should get wine glasses to complement the wine. It does make a difference. There is nothing sacred about the wine glass, but they are designed in a certain way. Ambiguously designed glasses don’t really serve a purpose, but they are glasses nonetheless.

Decanters – Never Take It For Granted

You might wonder why decanters exist. Not many people know or understand the significance of decanters. They are one of the most stylish pieces of glassware one can own, but outside of that their purpose is three fold: it improves the flavor of the wine, it improves the aroma, and it separates the sediments that are left behind in the wine-producing process. There are plenty of decanters available, but they are primarily used for red wine. With red wine, air must be infused into it thus bringing out the flavors of the wine.

What Is Wine?

In its simplest form, the production of wine is an entirely natural process. The sun produces sugar in the grape; on the skins of a ripe grape are millions of little yeast cells (which show as “bloom”). When the skin is broken, these yeasts dive into the sugar in the juice and start fermentation; the ferments die and there you have wine.

Fashions in Wine

Fashions in wine and drinking habits have changed over the years. These changes have often been brought about by the fiscal policy of Governments or by scarcity caused by war. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wine drinking took place mainly with or after meals. After dinner Port would be drunk, often in large quantities, though in the nineteenth century, sometimes, Claret would be consumed both with and after dinner, older vintages being served with dessert.

Arizona Wine – Hit the Arizona Wine Trail

Some of the best wine on the west coast isn’t made in California. Really! There are a healthy number of wineries in Arizona, making some of the best wine you’ve ever tasted. Arizona wine isn’t as publicized as the stuff made in California, but it’s a well kept secret. Yes, grapes grow in a state primarily known for desert.

The Process Of Blending The Wine For A Refined Wine Drinking Experience

When we talk about blending in conjunction to wine making, we refer to mixing various wines to achieve a final result with much better quality than the single wines that the blending is done from. Usually the blending happens between two different types of grapes for best results.

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