The California Wine Club introduces Rucksack Winery.

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Husband and wife team Paul and Maggie Bush are starting a new adventure and we couldn’t be more excited. Their Rucksack Cellars is focused on showcasing the best of the Sierra Foothills. Paul also manages production at Madroña Vineyards (founded by his parents, Dick and Leslie Bush) and Maggie oversees its operations.

1855 Bordeaux Wine Classification Set the Standard

In 1855, Napoleon asked the wine brokers of Bordeaux to rank the best wines, for presentation during the upcoming World Expo. Unable or unwilling to definitely say what wine is actually best (and God forgive, offend someone), they did the next best thing. The wine brokers grouped 61 of the most expensive wines into 5 groups.

The Italian Wine

Italy is the paradise on earth. Lined with beautiful historical monuments, matchless scenery and landscapes coupled with the best wine and food make Italy truly a paradise in the world. No wonder people flock to Italy on holiday.

Wine Bag – Enjoy Your Wine Party Whenever You Wish

Are you looking for an alternative that can help enjoy your wine when you are on the move? Choosing a wine bag can be a good decision for you as it keeps your wine bottle chilled enabling you to enjoy it without in any restrictions of time and place.

Pewter Wine Goblets

  Pewter wine goblets are fast becoming one of the most popular types of wine goblet as they reemerge from hundreds of years of decline. With the advent of glass as well as the use of cheaper materials with which to construct the wine goblet, pewter-based designs have been in decline. This means that very few have used them over the last thousand years because of their cost, as well as cheaper alternatives such as wood being present.

Wine Tasting Like A Connoisseur (Even When You Are Not)

Is wine tasting something you think is only for wine experts? Wine tasting is a simple skill that anyone can learn that will actually heighten your appreciation for wine.

Wine Lovers Guide to Wines With Thanksgiving Dinner

The Classic Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner is Perhaps the hardest meal to select wines for. Because of the many different food flavors, you should consider perhaps three or more wines to surround the Meal.

Argentina Wine Varietals – Top 5 Red Wine Varietals in Argentina

Argentina is quickly becoming one of the most popular producers and exporters of red wine in the world. While their most famous red wine varietals is Malbec, they also have various other varietals that have the potential of reaching the level of Malbec. This guide to the top 5 red wine varietals in Argentina will help you understand exactly what you taste when you go to Buenos Aires to do a wine tasting.

The Top 3 Reasons to Use a Wine Weaver Wine Aerator

Since a newer wine does not have the collection of sediment, a good wine aerator will allow for an increase in the surface area of the wine. An aged vintage would require a decent wine decanter for full enjoyment.

All About Wine

The wine lover will be happy if they can enjoy the different tastes coming from all over the world. It is really marvelous to find various tastes on your tongue and then finally determine which one is the best. In fact, a lot of people claimed Italian wine as the best top quality in the world due to its old wine heritages. Italy is famous for quantity and quality. The world class production has been widely known for more than two decades. In this case, the modern technique becomes the important factor to come up with perfect wine quality besides perfect weather and also the great successful harvests.

It’s Not Breakfast and Not Lunch So Why Should I Eat Brunch?

Who doesn’t love brunch in all its iterations? It is not breakfast and it is not lunch, but if you travel across the United States in any direction, you will find cultural traditions for mid morning fine dining in so many variations you can make a lifetime study of it.

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