The California Wine Club Introduces Margerum Winery

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This video is about The California Wine Club Introduces Margerum Winery

The Latest Trend Mini Wine Bottles

The newest trend is mini wine bottles. Wineries are hoping to expand business by offering new, sample-sized bottle kits that aim to recreate the tasting room experience in one’s home.

Steps to Consider When Building a Wine Cellar

Looking to build a wine cellar to store your wine collection? Before starting the project, there are several factors to consider, including: purpose, size, location, storage capacity, type of display, design and budget. Some wine cellars are built to entertain guests, complete with furniture and glassware. Others can be constructed in smaller spaces like closets and under stairs with the sole purpose of storage.

With Wine Carrier Bags, Serve the Chilled Wine Even in Outdoors

If you are among those who enjoy outdoor evenings with close friends and family, then you cannot just avoid serving a glass of wine along with the dinner. To maintain the taste of the chilled wine outside your home, wine carrier bags are a must buy for you.

How to Tend to a Grape Vine Utilizing a Trellis

Even though grapevines are capable of growing on different structures such as fences, trees and even walls, a trellis system is essential for grapevines to get the support for the weight of a full harvest. Use these simple steps to utilize a trellis system for your vineyard…

Choosing A Bar For Your Christmas Night Out

Are you planning a night out with your friends this Christmas? If so, one of the most important things you’ll need to find are some great bars. Here are some steps to choosing the right venues.

What’s the Story Behind Red Cat Wine?

Red Cat Wine is produced by Hazlitt Vineyards. The wine was originally known as HHJ Wine, also known as Red Catawba. It was named after the native grapes from which it was made, and eventually received the appreciated nickname or Red Cat.

Luminarc Wine Glasses

Perhaps you’ve had wine at a bar, restaurant or resort and loved the glass in which it was served. Odds are you were drinking from Luminarc wine glasses. The Luminarc glass, also known as simply Arc, is one of the most popular glasses for serving wine in public establishments.

Large Wine Glasses – Perfect for Serving and for Decoration

Serving wine in the right glasses can add to the appreciation of the wine and to the decor of your dinner party. By selecting the right glasses you add a quality to your table setting which can make or break the atmosphere of your gathering. In some cases, a simple or sleek wine glass can be an excellent choice. In other cases, large wine glasses may be the order of the day.

Port Wine Glasses

When serving wines, the choice of glass has a strong impact on appreciation and flavor. Selecting the right glasses for serving can affect the atmosphere of your gathering as well as individual guests’ enjoyment of fine wines. You should consider using Port wine glasses, as they can significantly increase the joy of consuming a fine Port.

Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes D’Or – Simply An Exquisite Champagne!

Nicolas Feuillatte Palmes d’Or Brut 1998 is a sparkling wine from Champagne, France and renowned for the exotic bubbles that adorn the bottle by twirling inside continuously. It possesses enchanting aroma and delectable taste, which makes it suitable for various foods.

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