The California Wine Club introduces Fess Parker Winery

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“Big, tall, soft-spoken Fess Parker, famous for his Disney roles as Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, was one of our favorite people. Like thousands of others, we were sad that he passed in 2010. Fortunately for wine lovers, his family has continued the winery he pioneered here in 1989 with great
passion and care. It’s not just Fess Parker wines that makes people happy and relaxed. The setting is magnificent, with a huge, stately lawn framed by vineyards, an ample picnic table area, the most incredible, huge oaks and – last but not least – bunches of happy people.”–Bruce and Pam Boring, Founders, The California Wine Club

The Perfect Wine for a Traditional Thanksgiving Day Feast

Since 1863 every American has been able to count on having something very important in common, Thanksgiving Day. It occurs on the fourth Thursday in November, and is a time to bring neighbors, friends, and family together to give thanks for the abundant lifestyle in which they live.

Virginia Wine Festivals

Wine has become popular worldwide. It is taken in a relaxed mood whether at home or at a social gathering. Those who enjoy wine prefer to drink it at social places because they argue that this reduces boredom.

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How to Select Wine Chillers and Coolers

If you have a good selection of wine or you continually are adding to your wine collection, you probably need to look into purchasing wine chillers and coolers, but this is often a difficult choice for many if they have not attempted to purchase such an item. There are many variations of wine coolers in which to choose from and obviously, if you only have a few bottles to chill at any given time, you do not need a very large cooler, but if you find you can never keep enough wine chilled, then you probably need a larger unit.

Choosing the Right Aerator

These days it’s pretty much essential for any wine lover to have a wine aerator on hand. It’s a simple fact that giving wine time to breathe, to mix with the air to bring out the subtle flavors so that the true essence of the win comes out, is the only way to really enjoy wine as it was intended to be enjoyed.

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