The California Wine Club Introduces Cambridge Cellars

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Though Bruce and Kim Cunningham founded their small winery in 2006 based in the little Marin County town of Novato, their story goes back decades to Bruce’s childhood in Australia. Wine was always on the dinner table. “My mum loved whatever wine my dad loved,” Bruce chuckles. “And Dad loved Cabernet.” After earning a degree in Business Marketing, Bruce worked for a company involved with wine packaging and traveled to European wine country, then studied wine marketing and sales at the University of Adelaide.

Free Up Space and Protect Glasses With a Hanging Wine Glass Rack

If you’re a wine lover and have a number of wine glasses on hand at all times, you’ll want to consider a hanging wine glass rack for inclusion in your kitchen. These handy items make it possible to safely and securely store your wine glasses without taking up excessive space in your kitchen cabinets or cupboards.

Wine Goblets – The Perfect Gift

When people think of buying gifts for their relatives or partners they never seem to think of wine goblets. When in fact I really do think they are the perfect gift you can buy. To start with they’re relatively cheap, for a good set of two crystal goblets you won’t be paying more than 50 or so dollars maximum.

A Beginners Guide to Port Wines

A handy and invaluable overview of the types and characteristics of port wines available. The main types of port wine are discussed along with their distinguishing features and the basic facts about them. This is the perfect article for the newcomer to port who wants to find their way quickly and get on with enjoying this delicious beverage.

How to Make Wine With Your Grapes

Finished growing your own grapes? Here are some step-by-step guidelines to follow when making your own wine at home.

A Toast of Tequila, A Taste of Mexico

Tequila [te-kee-luh] is one of the world’s most popular alcoholic beverages today. It is primarily made in the areas around the city of Guadalajara and the highlands of Jalisco located in central-western Mexico. The state of Jalisco is the center of the country’s tequila industry, owing to the fact that the town of Tequila, which gave its name to this renowned liquor, is located in this state.

How to Have The Perfect Halloween Party

Traditionally more popular in America, over the past 10 years Halloween has wormed its way into British culture and is now firmly a part of the UK calendar and not just for the kids either. An increasing amount of “grown ups” are celebrating All Hallows’ Eve with fancy dress fun at parties and on nights out. A quick search online brings back thousands of recipes for Halloween themed cocktails and party punch, but beware, they’re strong than you think!

How to Make Your Own Home Made Wine

You can make your own wine at your own home. You can begin with choosing the kind of fruit you want to make as your wine. A good fruit that you can use is cherries.

Halloween Wines You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

Halloween is fun. Children are excited about trick or treating for candy, parents are planning creative costumes for their children and some adults are planning Halloween parties for friends and family. The adult Halloween parties have been growing in popularity for years. It’s a fun way to step outside your everyday persona and take on a new character for one evening. Party planning is in full gear this time of year, with elaborate inside and outside home decorations on display and creative menus offered to give their guests a scary good time. And guests are always looking for a memorable hostess gift.

Learn How To Decant Wine Correctly

If you’ve bought a bargain bottle of wine, you may not be so worried about the correct way to store it, or the correct way in which to pour it, but for those who have invested a little more time and money into their wines, this is more of an issue. Decanting a wine can make a massive difference to how it will taste. Hopefully, you would have stored you’re wine on its side from the moment you brought it home.

Wine Coolers – Investing In The Ultimate Storage For Your Wine Collection

Everstar is one of the best manufacturers of wine coolers. A cooler is a guaranteed method for storing wines at the right temperature to preserve flavor and texture. An Everstar Wine Cooler makes a great addition to the home of any wine lover, and the variety of models available make it possible to store anywhere between 6 and more than 100 bottled of your favorite wines all in one secure location.

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