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The California Wine Club has the best gift for under $50.

The Pleasure of Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is one of the many amazing discoveries you can luxuriously explore to your heart’s content. There are absolutely countless ways on how to spend quality time with your family or important persons in your life, and going to a tour of wine tasting spree is surprisingly an exciting and rewarding venture to embark on.

Go Wine Tasting With Confidence

A crash course in wine tasting. Everything you need to know to enjoy this with grace and confidence.

Review Baroncini Chianti Messere ’06

I believe every bottle of wine has a story to tell, at least to me it does. Who made it? What type of care went into the whole process of making this wine and what type of barrels were used? Where were the grapes sourced from and where was the wine made?

The Current Trials and Tribulations of the Australian Wine Industry

A brief overview of the current problems in the production of wine in Australia and the developments being made to alleviate this from within the community. There is little doubt that the Australian wine-grower has had a tough time of it lately.

Choosing a Wine Cooling System For Your Wine Cellar

Aside from the wine you purchase to fill your dedicated wine cellar, the importance of a wine cooling system is paramount. Wine that is subject to large temperature and humidity shifts can affect a wine’s taste and ruin a fine bottle. To protect against this, a good cooling system is needed.

The 12 Bottle Wine Cooler – Perfect For New Wine Enthusiasts

A great place to start in terms of wine storage is the compact 12 bottle wine cooler. It is an affordable refrigeration solution for people who take their wine drinking and collecting seriously and are just starting to build up a collection or just want to have better temperature control than that provided by the kitchen refrigerator.

Where’s the Best Brewery in the Country? Right Here!

The joy of home brewing is that it is to a large extent customizable. You will have certain guidelines which you must stick to, in order to make sure that what you create is drinkable beer. Beyond that, though, it’s your party.

It Means More When You Make it Yourself

Brewing your own beer allows you to play a direct part in the kind that you drink. If you purchase beer brewing equipment from a store, either in the street or online, you can make your own beer and enjoy the quality of taste and texture that you choose for yourself.

The Finest Brew You Can Make

The love of good beer is something that unites a wide range of people. In Germany, they hold entire festivals in the month of October to celebrate the joys of beer, and this is a principle which has taken hold in a wide range of other countries.

Ingredients Make Something Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

When you brew your own beer you will find that ideas occur to you all the time. Rather than doing the same thing every time, you will be able to look at the overall process and see what areas you can make a change in. The right home brew supplies can be every bit as versatile as ingredients in a stew.

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