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Wine Preservation – New Wine Preservation Technology For Restaurants, Bars and Hotels

Necessity is the mother of invention. This was certainly the case for Armando Luis, CEO of one of New Jersey’s leading wine merchants and a former mechanical engineer in the hydraulics, nuclear and medical industries. Frustrated by the practical limitations of the existing Wine Preservation systems on the market, he thought he could engineer a far better system, so that is exactly what he did. This is how the Vinfinity wine-by-the-glass preservation system was invented.

Malt and Barley – A Little Taste of England

It doesn’t matter whether you are drinking a pint of beer in Ireland, America, Europe, Japan or Australia the chances are the malt used to produce that beer came from Stanstead Abbotts, Ware in Hertfordshire England. This little area of England has been the biggest UK cereal producer for hundreds of years as its soil, which is chalk or clay based, is ideal for growing crops such as Barley.

Learn How to Brew Beer

Increasingly, people are learning how to brew beer. One of the main reasons that home brewing is a hobby for many people who enjoy it, is that there are a multitude of varieties of beer recipes and styles of beer making. While some of the brewing and fermenting steps must be followed closely, if you want to enjoy a great homemade beer, you can experiment with the ingredients and recipes to make delicious beer to suit your taste and those of your friends. In fact, the common experience is that your number of friends increases as your brewing progresses!

TABC Certification Guidelines – Training Requirements and Standards

Like many programs out there, the TABC certification (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) is not mandated as a part of business ownership or employment. The state offers the standardized program to anyone who wants to provide a more responsible, informed work environment for their employees and their customers as well.

NCPLH Course – National Certificate For Personal License Holders Training

The NCPLH course is one offered in the food service industry within the UK. This course allows people to learn all about responsible alcohol retailing in the UK. It will help pub owners and operators learn better ways to serve their customers and best practices for alcohol sales and service within the establishment.

Alcohol Training – State Mandates Vary, But Employers’ Concerns Shouldn’t

Every single state has different regulations regarding alcohol training and service. Some states will require little to no actual training or education for servers, while other states will require a lot of education and training in order to be certified to serve alcohol.

Crystal Wine Glasses For the Ultimate Tasting Experience

Do you have the right wine glasses for the dinner party you are hosting? While most people know there is a difference, they are not sure what type of wine glasses should be used for a red or white wine.

NCPLH Training – Five Tips For Success With the NCPLH Exam

NCPLH training is shorthand that refers to the National Certificate for Public License Holders, and is a training program for responsible alcohol retailing. If you work in a business where you sell or serve alcohol, you will want to consider this training even though it isn’t mandated by law. When you choose to take the course, there are many things to consider. Here are five tips for success:

Responsible Alcohol Retailing – What You Should Know

There are laws and regulations in every different country, state, and region for responsible alcohol retailing. While many areas mandate training in this particular area of knowledge, some do not require salespeople to have any training at all.

Effects of Alcohol in Beer, Wine and Liquor Intakes

Higher alcohols occur naturally in alcoholic beverages as by-products of alcohol’s Fermentation. Recently, concerns have been raised about the levels of higher alcohols in surrogate alcoholic (illicit or home-produced alcohol beverages) that might lead to an increased incidence of liver diseases in regions where there is a high consumption of such beverages. In contrast, higher alcoholics are generally regarded as important flavor compounds. European legislation even demands minimum contents in certain spirits.

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