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Why You Should Let Wine Breathe

I am so often asked why should you let wine breathe. My answer usually is, “what wines are you talking about?” If it is a hearty young red wine, then letting it breathe would be beneficial, as the process of exposing the wine to oxygen will allow the acid and tannin to mellow and soften a little. But white wines are quite different in their makeup and don’t usually need to breathe at all, but there are exceptions.

Use Wine Goblets For Your Dinner Party

Wine is one of those pleasures in life which deserves to be enjoyed in the correct way. The wine should be stored correctly and then served at the correct temperature, and it certainly should be served in the right receptacle. In the case of a fine wine, the only choice for serving is wine goblets.

Tips on Making Your Own Wine

If you have been interesting in making your own wine for sometime now, here are some basic guide lines that will help you. Whether your a wine lover, or just some one who wants to have a good time with a few friends, educate your self on the secrets and tools of making your own bottled wine that you’ll be passing around with your friends for years to come!

Death Of A Refrigerator

Our old refrigerator suffered multiple forms of discrimination and was found guilty of not “fitting in.” Ultimately, a sentence of hard labor in our garage became its fate. In a few short months, it died. How did this happen?

Don’t Spoil Your Wine

Many people do not realize that wine is a perishable food item. As such, one should take the same amount of care in properly storing wine as one does with any other food. Improperly stored wines will lose value and flavor and eventually could end up undrinkable. Important factors to consider when storing wine are light exposure, temperature extremes, humidity, air exposure and the optimum amount of aging required for a particular wine.

Low Alcohol Wine – A Trendy Alternative?

Low alcohol wines used to be frowned at by most wine drinkers, especially wine snobs, but now, is a low alcohol wine a trendy alternative? The answer has to be yes, for several reasons. The sudden increase in interest in wines with a lower alcohol by volume (abv.) has perhaps been brought on by global warming as well as a few other factors.

Pick the Right Wine Glass For the Right Wine

There are many types of wine glasses, but for day to day use there are basically three different types of wine glasses that you would want to think about. What type you serve your wine in depends on the wine itself.

Brew Your Own Wine

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to brew your very own wine? How about In the luxury of your own home? Well with these few basic step you will be on your way to wine lovers success!

Tartrate Crystals in White Wine, a Sign of Quality

Many wine drinkers think there is a problem when they see tartrate crystals in the bottom of their wine glass. But there is absolutely nothing to worry about, as the crystals or ‘diamonds’ as they are sometimes called are formed naturally during the course of winemaking.

How to Make Your Own Perfectly Brewed Beer

In this economy saving a few bucks can help quite a bit. So read this article and learn how to brew your own beer for pennies!

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