The Boring Wine Guy – What is a Viognier?

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What is a Viognier? A terrific white wine you should try!

The Philip Stein Wine Wand Aerates Wine in Minutes

How can you get more flavor from your favorite red wine? Most wine connoisseurs will tell you to give the wine some time to breathe. The only problem is, this process can take several hours. Thanks to the Philip Stein Wine Wand, a bottle of wine can be aerated in a matter of minutes. The wine wand is a breakthrough in natural frequency technology that enhances the flavors and aroma of your favorite wine almost instantly.

Do You Know How To Put On A Great Cocktail Party?

If you like to entertain, it can be easier to do than you might realize. Here are a few easy times to show your friends a good time.

How to Get the Most Out of a Wine Tasting

Attending a wine tasting has become quite a popular event. It is a wonderful way to try new wines without the expense of buying many bottles that you are not familiar with. It also affords you the opportunity of learning to distinguish between the many different flavors. Most important you can learn more in one tasting then you would on your own after trying numerous bottles. In this article I would like to highlight for you some of the pointers you should take away from a wine tasting.

How to Learn the Health Benefits From Drinking Red Wine

Isn’t it wonderful to finally find out that something we like is finally good for us. There have been many articles written recently about the health advantages of drinking red wine. The news people have started calling this phenomena the French Paradox. We all know the French eat diets filled with rich sauces and eat food products rich in creams butter and cheese but yet these people seem to live longer. Through research it has been found that they have a lower incidence of heart disease. Why we may ask? The final result has been thought to be the red wine they drink. In this article I will highlight the benefits of drinking red wine.

How to Look Like an Expert When You Approve the Wine in a Fine Restaurant

How to look like an expert during the ceremonial ritual of accepting a bottle of wine in a “fine” restaurant. You’ll look like a wine sophisticate when you know what to do during the ceremony.

Chile’s Lusty Carmenere From Colchagua

Chile’s seductive wines have broken onto the world stage in full force. None are more unique and approachable than its flagship Carmenere. Once a “lost” Bordeaux varietal, Carmenere since its “rediscovery” in Chilean soils in 1994 has thrived in the country’s sun-kissed valleys. The result? Silky, lush wines that wine lovers of all levels will appreciate and delight.

How to Get a Special Occasion Liquor License in B.C. Canada

Getting a special occasion liquor license in BC for your event can be a daunting task especially if you’ve never gone through the process before. In this article I’m going to give you a quick overview and provide you with a few additional websites that will clear up any additional questions you may have. This article is written for those living in B.C. Canada.

Things to Be Specified on a Wine Label

A wine label is of the first and the foremost impression of a wine bottle. These labels give the important information and details about the wine. The information included on a normal wine label provides customers and collectors obligatory and synchronized information as well as cautions and additional details about the wine.

Why Make Your Own Homemade Wine?

Have you ever wondered about making your own homemade wine? There are many reasons why making wine at home is fun, fascinating and economical.

Making Beer at Home in an Easy and Fun Way

A beer making kit can make beer making very easy. These beer making kits are very easy to find on the internet, and may even be available at your local liquor store. There are several varieties of these kits available.

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