The BIG WINE QUIZ BOOK is here | Perfect for wine study and to increase your wine knowledge.

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The BIG WINE QUIZ BOOK is here | Perfect for wine study and to increase your wine knowledge.

I am launching The BIG Wine Quiz book. My first Book!!!!!!!!
1000 exam style questions across 100 categories, perfect for studying or keeping your knowledge up to date.
Available in Paperback and on Kindle.


Whether you are a student of wine studying for an exam or a wine enthusiast, seeking to enhance your knowledge, ‘The Big Wine Quiz Book’ has something for all wine lovers. From the very beginnings of wine to modern day pop culture, this book will put you to the test. Quizzes include knowing your wine grapes, knowing your countries, regions and appellations as well as all the vineyard and wine-making techniques that make this wonderful fermented grape juice the incredible engaging subject it is. This book can be used as a study aid for students of all levels with the format of the questions very similar to what you might expect in an exam. Its also perfect for wine parties and trivia nights with more than enough to keep you all entertained. Cheers and here’s to the wonderful World of Wine

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How to Order Wine From a Wine Menu

Ordering from a full wine menu that offers dozens of producers (wineries), varietals (types of grape) and vintages (years of harvest) is not easy. In fact, it can be stressful, and for many reasons. First, when given so much choice, consumers are more likely to antagonize and deliberate for fear of making a wrong decision. We’ve also been trained to believe that there is a “right answer” to pairing wine with food, and that you should only choose a wine that will compliment your order. In addition, we have to battle against our own inner demons: we don’t want to look bad, cheap, uneducated, etc. in front of the waitperson. Finally, the menu itself can be simply overwhelming.

Top Tips for Vintage Port

No longer a drink for old men in clubs, vintage port is amongst the world’s best wines but remains a relative steal as it has been ignored by wine speculators. Grab some before the rest of the world wake up.

Re-WINE Your Mind

Be it your first date with someone special or a toast proposed by you on your best friend’s wedding, Wine is considered as essence of every occasion. Even the most sophisticated occasions are accompanied by wine. It is an old and classic drink which is associated with celebrations.

Types of Glassware at a Bar

You might have seen glassware and its sound all around a bar. It includes barware that makes mixing and serving of alcoholic drinks easy and simple.

French Food Tips – How To Choose The Right Wine For Any Meal

If you’re looking to serve a bottle of wine more by how it is able to complement the food than how much it cost or how pretty the bottle, then read on. In this article we’re going to look at how to pair your traditional French food with a good bottle of wine that will see you pass favour as a culinary expert.

Sonoma County White Wine

Californian wine has slowly but surely built a reputation for quality. These fine wines are the result of years of development and passion and of course the natural geographical conditions. The soil, climate and landscape have created a big variety of wine types. Variety is what kept wine makers interested and wine drinkers amused.

A Wine Gift for the Bride

Bridal showers are a time to rejoice in the future of the bride to be. Wine gift baskets have always served as a classy gift from an individual or the bridal party. This gift mixed with poems makes a wine poem basket that is hard to beat as far as sentiment and elegance.

The Riedel Amadeo Lyra Wine Decanter – A Modern Classic

The Carly Simon song “Nobody Does it Better” comes to mind when I think about Riedel crystal wine decanters. They are extremely efficient when it comes to wine aeration; Riedel puts an inordinate amount of research and development into all of the glassware they produce.

From Grape to Wine Stain – How Wine Is Made and How Annoying It Can Be

This article is going to take you through the long and tedious process of making wine, from the grape to the bottle to the wine stain. Obviously, some part of harvesting grapes and squeezing them is involved, but that’s not what wineries would call the really difficult part…

Refrigeration Choices To Suit Your Home Bar

A home bar is an area within the home that will prove to be the focal point of any socializing. This is due to the fact that it is a gathering place for people to have an alcoholic and a non-alcoholic drink. Subsequently people will congregate at this focal point and will naturally engage in conversation, the telling of jokes and the sharing of life experiences and stories.

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