The 8 Essential Wine Tools To Own

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Stocking your bar? Which wine tools do you absolutely need to have on hand? Wine sommelier, Madeline Puckette, sums up her hit list of 8 wine tools that are essential to any bar.

List of 8 Essential Wine Tools

* Wine Opener – 0:27 and 0:44 for Laguiole
* Proper Wine Glass – 1:05
* Decanter – 1:56
* Wine Preserver – 3:18 and 3:43 for coravin
* Champagne Stopper – 4:28
* Glass Polishing Cloth – 5:06
* A Great Book About Wine – 5:34
* Wine Stain Remover – 6:27

Wine Opener:

How to Choose Wine Glasses:

My Current Favorite Wine Glass:

Picking out a decanter? Here’s what you should know:

The affordable wine preserver (vacuvin):

The fancy wine preserver (coravin):

My favorite Champagne stopper:

Wine glass polishing cloth:

Great books about wine!

Wine Stain remover:

What Is Bottle Shock?

Wines experience a certain kind of condition known as bottle shock or sickness after they go through the bottling process or after being transported. This is, however, only a temporary condition that can last from 8 to 12 weeks.

Wine Shows: Your Guarantee of Quality?

Wines shows have been a major part of Australia since the 1840s. These events benefit both the wine producers and consumers and are effective in improving wine quality moving forward.

Alcohol And Men’s Health

The moderate alcohol consumption may have a positive effect, but doctors still warn. The research, finished at the Harvard University, testifies to taking one or two glasses of alcohol a day.

Champagne Vs Wine Facts

Champagne has constantly a style to celebrate new years or some wedding. Considered to be a variable beverage, Champagne can be tasted with a meal or with sweets. For several years, this really refreshing and exotic drink has been used as a mode of celebration.

Wine Clubs Are Great

HONESTLY…I’m as far from being a wine connoisseur as you can probably get, but I do enjoy more than the occasional glass and I think I have a pretty good idea of what taste good for the average wine enthusiasts. That being said I’ve found it’s not always the wine that makes wine taste good. What does that mean? That makes no sense right… well consider this – Do you remember the occasion, the people, the conversation or the laughter just as much as the wine?

The Right Food Pairings With Wines

Different foods complement well with different types of wines, the most important thing is that you are able to understand what type of food is suitable with a specific wine. Otherwise picking the wrong type of wine with a totally different flavor, it can change how you want your wine to taste. Below is a sample of how the different foods can be complemented with the right type of wine.

Buy a Crystal Decanter

When you are drinking wine, especially young wine, you should let it breathe before you drink it. This will smooth the harsher elements in the wine and will improve its taste. The process of letting wine breath is called aeration and it helps deal with the tannins and wine faults like mercaptans.

Buy Wine: Know The Intricacies

Considering for purchasing a bottle of wine to gift for your friend? You want to gift a bottle of wine to your friend? You do not have enough wine for the festive season and so you are searching for the best wine for your purpose? Well, you can visit a wine store close to your house or you can opt for an online store selling wine? In the recent days, many people prefer to purchase wine from the online stores.

Buy Wine: Compare Price And Purchase

You want to impress your new clients in this festive season and so you are looking out for the best gifts? You want to take the opportunity of this festive season and develop your business relations? Well, you are not the only business owner who wants to use festive season and gifts for business development.

Making Sense of the Health Benefits Offered by Beer

For most people, beer might not seem to equate directly to health benefits. It might seem like a potbelly is the only result of drinking too much beer. Of course, too much beer is also the cause of that nasty hangover.

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