Thanksgiving Beer Pairing | My top Picks for Pairing Beer with Thanksgiving Dinner!

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Want to see my specific recommendations for beers to buy for Thanksgiving? Here’s the blog post!

Most people put wine on the Thanksgiving dinner table, but you can’t forget about the beer!
There are two beers that I ALWAYS make sure to pair with Thanksgiving: Saison and Biere de Garde. Both of these beers have herbal, earthy components to them that pair excellently with Thanksgiving!

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Are You Interested in Home Wine Making

Whether you’re a real wine enthusiast or just someone looking for a great part-time hobby, home wine making can be fun and enjoyable, and of course there are very few other pursuits with such a tasty payoff! It may seem somewhat intimidating to the novice, but in reality, home wine making can be very easy with just a little bit of guidance. Most homemade wine is made from a grape juice concentrate, so don’t worry about growing and harvesting your own grapes – or needing to stomp on them once you do!

Joining a Wine Club

If you’re a wine lover and wish that you had more time to really shop around for just the right bottle or to find a new one that you’ve never tried before, you may want to seriously consider joining a wine club. Just like “book of the month” or other such clubs, wine clubs are organizations that research, select, and ship off to their members a new bottle or selection of wines once every month or so. Wine clubs may sound like they’re best for the rich and snooty, but one of the great benefits of …

How To Read A Wine Label

When was the last time you went to a nice restaurant and ordered a bottle of expensive wine? When the waiter or waitress brought it over, did he or she show you the label before uncorking it? Did you understand anything on that label, or did you simply scan it and nod just for show?

What To Expect From Wine Tasting Tours

If you’re considering getting your feet wet by joining wine tasting tours, you are not alone. Ever since the release of the movie “Sideways” in 2004, about two men approaching middle age who decide to embark on a journey through California wine country, have wine tasting tours gained in popularity. Once reserved for the wealthy or the elite, or just those who thought they were, these tours are now more and more common for anyone who is either a wine lover or just wants to learn more about this wonderful beverage.

Understanding The Wine Rating System

As with any rating system, there is no such thing as a universal wine rating system. Wines are rated by different wine clubs, groups, restaurants, food critics, magazines, and wine aficionados. Just like movies may get good or bad ratings depending on the critic, the same wine may get a higher or lower rating depending on who is doing the actual rating.

Why Beer From The Tap Is Better For You

Here’s a fun experiment to try the next time you’re out enjoying a cold beer. Drink your beer directly from a can or bottle. Now, the following time, drink your beer poured from the tap and served in a glass. Notice an important difference?

Wine Glasses, Does It Matter To The Wine What Glass You Drink It Out Of?

American wine enthusiasts now feel that the right glass can improve the aroma and flavor of wine. Casual drinkers wonder, what’s wrong with a simple glass, that’s what they use is many casual European restaurants? Does it matter? Pay attention.

The History of Wine Goblets

Having a lot of dinner parties? Do you serve wine? Impress your guests with knowledge about the goblets you are drinking out of.

Health Benefits Of Red Wine

Medical studies base their findings about the health benefits of red wine from the fact that red wine is made from a fruit that is rich in antioxidants. Today, more and more studies show that red wine owes its health benefits from the high level of antioxidants called ” resveratrol” present in the seeds and skins of processed and fermented grapes during the rigorous process of making red wine.

Explore The World Of Wine – Take A World Wide Wine Tour

Wine is a drink that has been enjoyed by humans for thousands of years. Recent archaeological finds have now even found wine dating back to almost 5,000 years in China.

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