Testarossa Winery Bottling Line

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Testarossa Winery Bottling Line

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Wine

No matter how much you study wine, drink different varieties, and hone your palate and nose, there are still some things about wine that can surprise you. The following are some interesting and little known facts about wine that you can share at your next wine tasting. Be prepared to impress even the staunchest wine aficionado.

Virginia’s Surprising Wine Industry

The wine industry in the entire United States was drastically set back by Prohibition (1920-1933) and Virginia was no exception. Virginia commercial grape growing totaled only 15 acres in the early 1950’s. Since then, Virginia’s wine industry has experienced wide spread growth and now can claim over 190 different wineries in the state. Virginia is currently ranked 5th amongst U.S. states for wine production.

Common Wine Myths (and Why They’re Not True)

Wine is a complicated, intricate drink, and for that reason alone, there are many myths surrounding the ancient beverage. You can’t believe everything you hear, though, and that maxim holds especially true for wine. One of the common myths surrounding wine has to do with the specific type of wine known as Chianti.

Beer Review – Bell’s Oberon Ale

There’s one thing you probably come to know about my taste in beer is I have a soft spot in my heart for those tasty little hops. When visiting a new craft brewery, I’m usually tempted to head for the Ale’s right out of the gate, as I thoroughly enjoy the crispness of the hoppier beers. So, jumping right to it, this beer review is a delightful wheat ale: Bell’s Oberon Ale.

Philip Smouha’s Lucky Beer Hits the Streets of New York

The secret to success with any product and particularly with a beer is the taste and the presentation. Australian businessman Philip Smouha has hit the jackpot with his boutique beverage Lucky Beer. The drink and bottle are created brewed in China. No surprise then to learn that the beer has a distinctive Asian flavour.

Beer Review – Samuel Smith’s Famous Taddy Porter

This week I decided to go with something a little thicker in both look and taste, yet surprisingly not as filling as it would seem. I went with a Porter this week as I was in the mood for something on the maltier side of the spectrum, a beer with some serious flavor. So without further ado, this weeks Brew of the the Week is:

What It Means To Be A Beer Bar

With the growth of craft beer in America patrons are looking for places to buy and drink these amazing brews outside of their own houses. This is the renaissance of beer and many establishments are catching on the buzz and opening as beer bars. This article will show you what to look for in a great beer bar.

Beer Review – Great Divide’s Claymore Scotch Ale

This weeks brew of the week is a beer that has some pretty staunch support in the beer community, with some insisting if it’s going to be an ale, it should be Scottish. While I’m not quite quite that particular, I do enjoy the smoothness and full flavor Scottish Ale’s typically serves up.

New Brew Review: Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA

The one I’m reviewing today is a beer of geographical significance, whose blend of hops hails from what its creator describes as the “hop belt” of the northern hemisphere. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for the hoppy bite and crispiness of a nice IPA.

Looking for a Good Wine Bag

If you are a wine lover then you would want your best bottle with you when you go out camping. Just imagine the pleasure of sipping cool wine in the wilderness and enjoying a book by the camp fire. Before you start packing your wine bottle, you would first need an ice bag in which you can carry the wine bottle safely as well as keep it cool.

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