Syrah Wine 101: Australia vs Washington!

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Bitters For Health and Cocktails

Bitters refers to an alcoholic beverage, a spirit flavoured with bitter herbs or roots. In many cases these spirits were formulated for their medicinal properties. Some are still considered to be beneficial for various ailments but mostly bitters are drunk as either an aperitif or as a digestif accompanying food.

Cognac – A Fine Brandy From France

The word brandy applies to any grape-based spirit distilled from wine. There are other spirits, brewed and distilled from other fruits which are sometimes referred to as “brandies” however true brandies are distilled from wine.

Why Buying Wine Online Is a Viable Option

Wines in some ways have become an integral part of our lives. You can open a bottle of wine when you come back home from work and unwind or you can savor it for a special occasion. If you are hosting a party let the wine flow to have your guests in good spirits or take a bottle with you when you are going over to your friends’ for dinner.

The Health Benefits of Red and White Wines

The health benefits of wine have been well documented over time. In 1410 BCE, an unnamed French doctor wrote a printed book about wine as medicine. Hippocrates had an entire list of specific red and white wines for a series of different medical issues, such as fevers, infections, and even deep cuts and wounds.

Armagnac Brandy a Wonderful Drink – Steeped in History

The word brandy is just a generic term for any distilled grape spirit. Indeed if you refer to Cognac or Armagnac as merely “brandy” in front of a Frenchman they a liable to get upset! Little was known about Armagnac outside France until the middle of the 19th century, when it began to gain in popularity. Before this it was simply France’s “other brandy”. It may be lesser known than Cognac but this spirit has a legitimate claim to be considered the older more venerable product. Cognac production began in the 17th century but the Armagnac region bears historical evidence of distillation dating back at least as far as the 1400s.

Why Online Wine Stores Are Increasing in Popularity

If you are into wine, you’ll definitely be faced with the choice of purchasing wine online or physically at your local winery. Online Wine stores can be a great and convenient way to try rare wines from boutique wineries that are not available in bottle stores.

Chocolate Wine Gift Basket – Top Tips for a Great Gift Idea

A chocolate and wine gift basket is one of my favorite gifts. I’d like to share some tips based on my personal experience to make your basket as pretty as tasteful.

The Best Grapes for Growing a Successful Vineyard

Under the California sunlight is not the only place where you can grow a successful vineyard. Nowadays, you can grow grapevines just about anywhere. Since grapevines are naturally adaptable, even areas with extreme climates are now considered suitable for grape growing.

Wines and Chocolates – Captivating Flavor and Aroma

If you are looking to put together a special gift basket, you may want to consider something that most people would appreciate such as a fine wine and chocolate gift. Choosing both wine and chocolates for a gift basket is an ideal combination and a great gift.

The Benefits of Grape Wine

The benefits of grape wine are rather diverse. For example, grape wine can help women become pregnant and prevent the breast cancer.

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