STAGS LEAP DISTRICT AVA – Napa Valley Sub-Appellation Series 6/16

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This “Series” of videos is dedicated to the exploration and education of the Napa Valley Sub-appellations or AVA’s.

In this video we visit the beautiful vineyards in the STAGS LEAP DISTRICT AVA


The Benefits of Wine on Your Health

Wine has become a common beverage and is consumed by many cultures today. In many countries people drink wine with their food, and this is one reason perhaps why heart disease is much lower in European countries…

Choosing The Perfect Holiday Wine

Oh my God, it’s almost Christmas and I have guests coming, one is a real wine connoisseur and if I don’t have JUST the right wine, I know I’ll never hear the end about it. Exactly what wine do I serve with turkey, I haven’t got a clue, not to mention the ham, or an after dinner wine. Should I stick with my old standby Pinot, or break out the Chardonnay? Wait, he’ll just think that’s run of the mill, I know I’ll open a bottle of Gruner Veltliner, surely that will impress him.

New Zealand Wines: The Two Best Bets

For New Zealand, two wines can be considered the “special:” Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Putting many grapes in the baskets of these two wines, New Zealand relies on their excellence to keep the wine industry continually prospering.

Bell’s Expedition Stout Rings the Holiday Bell

I recently had the opportunity to pick up two bottles of Bell’s Expedition Stout. I’d tried this micro brew a year or so ago without writing up an “official” beer review so I thought what better time than the holiday season to give myself a little gift and try it out again. Yes, it is definitely a gift to be had (or given out) for the beer lover in you or your loved ones.

All About Vodka

Vodka is the surprise package of the 20th Century. From an unknown Russian drink to the most widely used cocktail drink, it has been quite a journey.

A Brief History Of Alcohol

As with all histories, there is no one theory. And you may hear different versions from different people all the time. However, one thing for certain is that the fermentation process was discovered by man some 10,000 years ago.

All About Beer

The exact time frame of beer is debatable. Experts place it between 10,000 years to 7,500 years ago. That makes beer the oldest drink known to mankind.

Hangover – How To Prevent and Cure hangovers Quickly

It’s that time of year again we have hangovers and want to cure them. Of course, you should not drink to excess in the first place but if you do, here are some proven methods that will work to cure your hangover fast.

To Really Enjoy Superb Wine – Top-up with NAD

There is a particular area of instability in the biochemistry of our bodies, which contributes to problems with memory, irritability, problems with concentration, depression, a decrease in mental energy, anxiety, chronic fatigue and a craving for alcohol. 90% of people can enjoy alcoholic beverages without lasting consequences but the remaining 10% must first supplement their NAD Energy deficiency to share this same experience likewise!

Relive The Taste Of History With Bathtub Gin

Though the history of alcohol is a rich and interesting one, the history of gin is no exception. Of all fascinating milestones in the history of the drink is undoubtedly bathtub gin produced during prohibition. An alcoholic beverage was illegal during this restrictive period of American history in the country. Alcohol was sold on the black market and it was produced in homes across the country.

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