Sommelier Madeline Puckette Shares a Few Wine Secrets on TV

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Sommelier Madeline Puckette shows Helen at KATU TV and AM Northwest in Portland, Oregon a few pro wine secrets. Read more here:

New Wine Tasting

The five steps of new wine tasting for the beginner. Before we give these I would like to bring to the reasoning behind this we at enjoy wine from classic reds to sparkling whites and everything in between. I am a blue collar worker and a biker but enjoy the finer wines out on the market.

Wine Cork Screws and Openers

What is the right wine bottle opener for you? If you are new to wine or been enjoying wine for a long time, there are many different types of corkscrews and openers.

Top Tips For Proper Wine Storage

Fred Flintstone could have been one of the lucky ones. Had the home of the world’s original cartoon caveman been underground, it would have been perfectly suited to wine storage: a dark, dank cave ideal for allowing the liquid inside his precious bottles to age at exactly the right pace.

How to Choose and Use a Wine Cooler

We all know wine must be stored at the correct temperature. What is the correct temperature for my wine, red or white. Coolers can go along way to enhancing your wine drinking experience.

Make Your Wine Experience Stress Free With the Help of a Wine Opener

True blooded wine aficionados will simply prioritize to own a functional bottle opener for their wine parties. Find out more information about wine openers and include it in your newest collection of wine tools.

The Wine Glasses For Customers

When you are going to be buying promotional wine glasses for your customers, there are several things to consider. It is not as simple as just buying coffee mugs for customers, there is much more to it than that.

Brewing Coopers European Lager – An Enjoyable Undertaking Which Gives a Sensation of Accomplishment

Brewing technology evolved noticeably over the generations and even at this time varies from brewery to brewery. Nonetheless, generally speaking, just about all beers contain 4 key substances: barley, hops, water, and yeast.

Cuisinart Wine Cellar

How do you measure the quality of a wine? Obviously it’s taste and flavor of the liqueur. Taste and flavor can be increased outstandingly by storing and aging liquor in a fresh and ideal storing place.

A Hangover Cure – How to Cure a Hangover

Hangovers hit us all from time to time. There are many different “cures” out on the market today, these are what my research shows REALLY work.

Choosing the Perfect Wine Chiller

Choosing the perfect wine cooler for your collection of fine wines could not be any easier. Your decision should really be based on your needs. There are several different styles, brands and types of wine chillers.

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