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Madeline here. I wanted to personally thank everyone who’s ordered a Collector’s Edition. I’m so excited for you to see it! You’ll be experiencing wine like never before. Get yours here:

Helpful Guide in Buying Wine Online

Some wines are so rare that it is only available online. But before buying a wine on the World Wide Web, here is a guide that may help you out.

Common Alcohol Myths

Whether they have been perpetuated in the home, with friends, in college or on television, alcohol myths are prevalent in today’s world. By adhering to these inconsistent inaccuracies, individuals are putting themselves at risk for making incorrect decisions regarding alcohol consumption.

Get Out the Grill and Spring Wines

With unseasonably warm weather, most of us have a case of Spring Fever! We start dragging out our backyard patio furniture, barbeque grills are cleaned, gas propane tanks refilled and we begin tidying up our backyards for another summer season. Our backyards offer a place for peaceful solitude and a gathering place to entertain family and friends. A good glass of wine often adds to these moments.

The Industry Specific Software Available to Wineries

The is a lot of information that wineries need and want to keep good records for. In this age of fast moving technology the best route for them to go is software that has been specifically developed for their industry needs. There are a number of software systems available now, and they have come a long way in keeping wineries on top of their inventories and activities.

Napa Valley Wines – What Else You Need to Know

Chameleon Cellars is an exquisite presenter of wines and is a highly popular presenter too. It has been in the business of wine since 1995 and has been presenting wine from the vineyards of select wine growing regions of California.

Award Winning Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is famously known for the kinds of grapes and for the kind of wine it is able to produce. Cabernet Sauvignon is also known to the people as among the finest and most exquisite of red wines in the world, mainly because of its richness in flavor and the depth in the complexity.

How to Say “No” to Alcohol

Whether you abstain from alcohol completely or just like to exercise restraint during a night on the town or a dinner party, you may be faced with the challenging task of saying “no” when engaged with peer pressure. Aside from the negative physical effects that alcohol can have on a person (including brain or liver damage), the consequences can be even more serious if an intoxicated person gets behind the wheel of a car. In that case, the damage can be done to innocent victims, including other drivers and/or passengers.

Sparkling Wine

When is the best time to drink champagne or sparkling wine? My friend replied, “Any time, all the time!”

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Beer

Beer has been viewed as the devil’s brew for a long time by prohibitionists and other conservative groups. However, beer isn’t the culprit; it’s certain people that have given it a bad rap.

Visiting NY Vineyards – Your Guide to Vineyards Near NYC

New York state is the nation’s second-largest wine producer by volume and has about 30,000 acres of vineyards and over 200 wineries. Visit these magnificent vineyards and sample vintages from Long Island, Hudson Valley and Finger Lakes wineries and discover the best of New York wine.

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