Smith Devereux Wines: Discover this Napa Winery

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Smith Devereux Wines, the ultra-premium 4,000-case producer based in Napa Valley, is the creation of three talented friends passionate about wine. Ian Devereux took a moment in the vineyard to give our Premier Series wine club members an overview of the wines they will be receiving, including the 2016 “3” California Red wine and the 2016 Dennen Vacationer California Rosé. He provides tasting notes for the wines, and a little bit about why you will love them. Learn more about the small wineries we feature in our Premier Series:

Since 1990 we have been helping artisan wineries share their small-batch wines through our wine clubs. These wines are handcrafted in such limited amounts, they are usually only found at the winery.

With our Premier wine club, a different winery is featured every month, making this a true wine adventure! Each month we hand-select two award-winning wines and ship these direct to wine club members along with Uncorked, our beautiful guide to the winery. Uncorked includes details and tasting notes on the wines, wine tips and insight to California’s wine scene.

Wine Club Membership also includes a Personal Wine Consultant and savings of up to 50% off normal retail prices on reorders plus $1 ground shipping on every case and half case reorder.

Learn more about us:

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How Do I Buy Wine in a Restaurant?

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The Importance of Using a Decanter for Aeration

Decantation was originally done to very old wine aged for many years, even centuries. It seems obvious that there would be sediment and the wine or rum and even cognac would be very cloudy. The sediment and the cloudiness would often make the beverage bitter, gritty or even smelly. So, thus, the first decanter was created also called a carafe, introduced by the Venetians during the Renaissance.

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