Six Tips On How To Use Leftover Wine – The California Wine Club

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Ever wonder what to do with that leftover wine? Here are six tips from The California Wine Club. Tip one, put the cork back on the bottle, store in the fridge, and drink within a few days. Tip two, you can use it for cooking…

How And Why to Grow Concord Grapes

What Concord Grapes are and how to grow them. What these grapes can be used for and why to choose these grapes over other kinds to grow.

Travelling Into French Wine Country

We travel for many reasons, sometimes it is for a simple desire to see the sun and relax on a beach, but often we travel to get a sense of history, to see monuments of previous glory or to experience a different culture through tastes and sights. France may not be as exotic as ancient Egypt or China, but it does have history. And a wonderful appreciation of food and wine!

Growing Grapes For The Homeowner

How a homeowner can grow grapes without worrying about expensive costs and owning lost of land. Some important factors to consider when preparing to grow grapes including where, how, what kind, when, and more.

Wine and Food Pairing Overview

You can easily adopt several foolproof methods to pair food and wine in correct form. You should learn to trust you own instincts prior to combining foods and wines together. While there are some guidelines, when followed, you can have great fun and enjoy a wonderful meal.

Wholesale Wine Glasses

Wine has long been considered the best and most classy drink for parties. If you wish to maintain the traditional presentation of wine, then you’ll want to serve it in the manner which is most classic, by using glass or crystal wine glasses. These glasses can be expensive, especially when you’re hosting a large gathering.

Your Guide to Food and Wine Pairing

The perfect pairing of food and wine is a match made in heaven. Here’s your quick guide to finding the best wine for your perfect romantic meal.

How to Choose the Best Wine Gift Baskets Online

Choosing to gift wine gift baskets can be easy but to pick the right one for right occasions needs a bit more searching. You can do it at home for your dearest ones, but for more formal occasions, you can get elegant and stylish wine gift baskets online for all occasions.

Growing a Grape Vineyard in Nine Easy Steps

Growing a grape vineyard could be resumed in a few steps. Some are common to any type of culture, others are specific to grape growing.

Grape Vine Growing on a Trellis

Grape vine growing is not possible without support. In nature, trees, rocks, walls and other kind of structures help grape-vine growing. In fact structures are vitals for numerous reasons and a vineyard will use a trellis system that will act as a support for the vine. The vine cannot support itself.

Top 10 World’s Best Beers

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer” says Dave Barry. Since the time 1800 B.C. up to nowadays, it won more followers than any other thing or being in the world. There are hundreds of manufacturers of beer, some more professional, that are respecting the traditional recipe, and some that are less professional.

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