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The California Wine Club creates a Parody Based on “Sh*t Girls Say” video for wine drinkers! Sh*t that wine drinkers say. Our wine club has been helping wine lovers discover small family wineries since 1990, we love to share wine tips and inside stories of their handcrafted wines. Learn more about our monthly wine club at

Glass Or Plastic? Which Carboy to Choose?

When it comes to choosing a material for carboys, both glass and plastic each have advantages and disadvantages. Some winemakers prefer the light weight of plastic while others embrace the properties of glass that make it such a good choice for bulk aging.

Yeast in Homemade Wine Making

The role of yeast in homemade wine making is crucial. The more you understand about different kinds of yeasts and the fermentation process, the more consistent and delicious your homemade wine will be.

Sulfites in Homemade Wine

Most wine makers use sulfites when producing their wines. This has been a source of much debate among wine makers and wine drinkers. A person allergic to sulfites can have a severe reaction to just one glass one wine. Wines made without sulfites are becoming increasingly available.

Pair Some BBQ With a Chardonnay

Summer is BBQ time. With Father’s Day, July 4th and summertime in general, many Americans enjoy traditional BBQ. At Naperville’s Ribfest, pork BBQ ribs are king. If you are a little “porked out,” grilled chicken and fish are a welcome change. A wine that pairs well with both of these is Chardonnay.

Red Wine Refrigerator – Why You Need One

Red wine is often served at room temperature, which is a big mistake. Room temp might be the norm, but it should actually be the temperature of the wine cellar. If you don’t have a cellar to keep your wine in, then you might want to invest in a red wine refrigerator to keep your wine in optimum condition.

How to Build a Wine Rack

A wine rack will help maintain the freshness of your precious wine collection. It is also very simple to make. You can either make a simple kitchen wine rack or a wine cellar.

Racking Your Homemade Wine

Racking your homemade wine is the process of transferring it from one vessel to another. During certain phases of the wine making process it’s important to rack your wine. This process improves the clarity and taste of your wine.

Eight Important Steps Necessary For Grape Planting

As with everything, there is a proper procedure necessary to produce the desired result. In grape planting, it is absolutely essential to do it the right way. If you’re wanting your plants to produce a bountiful crop, then you must learn how to do grape planting correctly in order to grow healthy vines which produce quality grapes.

The New Grape Trellis – How to Better Estimate Grape Yields!

The Agricultural Research Service has been involved in a study to predict with more accuracy grape yields estimates. So why is this important?

The Local Wine Merchant Could Improve Your Home Dining Experience

We’ve all been told that a good wine can enhance the flavour of a meal, yet a lot of us don’t know which type of wine goes well with which meal. Your local wine merchant can help you select different wines for different meals, but for now this is a quick and easy guide that lets you distinguish between when you need a white Chardonnay and when a red Merlot is required.

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