Showcasing Great Grapes at Eternal Wines

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“My goal with Eternal Wines is to create age-worthy wines that show a place
and time,” says Founder/Winemaker Brad Binko. “You can point to a map and
say ‘this wine is from right here.’ These wines are single-vineyard designate,
and the yeast used to ferment each lot comes from its vineyard. I just let the
vineyard be what it wants to be.” He takes the annual variations in temperatures and rainfall in stride, noting that “I don’t make these wines the same way each year nor am I striving for a consistent product. I want to share with you the variations in years and be true to the grapes.”

A Battle Between First-Class and Cheap Wines Online

People usually believe in the idea that premium wines are the best beverages that deserve to be purchased rather than the cheap ones. Expensive wines or liquors have higher prices because these beverages are generally produced using natural quality ingredients that have undergone very careful processes such as aging and distilling. But as you know, price is not the only indicator of a wine’s quality.

Tips for Good Bartending

Good bartending is all about a good attitude, fair nature and people skills. It is about really enjoying what you are doing and being comfortable with being around people. Bartending is a hobby as well as a career choice for many. Once the basics have become clear along with a firm grasp on popular cocktails, one can start designing spirited concoctions of their own.

Copying or Stealing: The Pursuit of the Perfect Balance With Picasso and Wine

Paint Night events are happening everywhere. Can you appreciate both art and wine? Tips for getting a deal on your painting and not skimping when it comes to the wine.

Drinking Wine While Counting Calories – Can It Be Done?

Can we drink wine while counting calories? Yes, of course it can be done! We just need to pick the right types of wines to enjoy while we’re in the process of cutting calories. This article shows you two simple things to look for.

Who Said Men and Women Never Agree? It’s No Longer: He Said “Beer” She Said “Wine”

What’s dating all about? Are men and women in agreement on the bottle of Sancerre or Viognier? In the mood for romance? Find tips on pairing your dinner and wine with colorful descriptions throughout.

Ice Size Matters When It Comes To Tasty Cocktails

Why large cubes and ice spheres make for tastier classic drinks. Due to the fact that large ice has a slow rate of melting which helps your beloved spirits keep it’s chill and taste throughout to the last sip.

Steps of Making Wine at Home

Wine making has long been considered a complex art. It is not easy but it is certainly not something which is outside one’s reach.

Refractometer Or Attract-Ometer

Finding precious jewels, an astute taste for wine perfection and your search for the perfect match. Famed jeweler Giovanni Bulgari sourced precious gems and seeks the same perfection in wine. Can we use the same attention to detail to find a mate or date?

Tasting Wine Like a Connoisseur

Sipping wine at a dinner table with intricately laid out food in silverware and candle light ambiance is how most of us would picture a romantic dinner date. A glass of good quality wine can actually make the experience of a classic dinner, ecstatic. However, the trick to that lies in making a great choice of cocktail to tickle your senses and complement your meal. While everyone knows how to sip wine, do you know how to taste it? The follow-up of the article tells you just that.

Understanding Bordeaux Wines

This is an Introduction to Bordeaux wines. This is a beginning to help make Bordeaux wines more comfortable to buy.

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