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Some tips on what to do with bad wine.

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How the Royal Navy Almost Created Barbados Rum Punch Cocktail

Admiral Vernon of the Royal Navy can be credited with adding two words to the English lexicon, Grog and Limey. With a little more imagination and one more ingredient he may have also been credited with our fantastic and powerful Rum Punch Cocktail.

Types of Red Wines

There are many different types of red wine and red wine blends, but these popular and well-known types of red wine are most commonly seen on a wine list. While many are grown in famous wine making regions like northern California, France’s Rhone Valley and regions in Australia, there are many great tasting wines produced in Argentina and Chile too.

The Best Resveratrol Red Wine For Skin Care

Red wine is a rich source of resveratrol. It contains considerably more resveratrol than white wine. It is because the skins of the grape are left in with the juice for much longer time when manufacturing red wine. The skins are where the majority of the resveratrol is originated. However, the content of resveratrol varies significantly from a single red wine to another. Thus, what are the most excellent resveratrol red wines content?

Do You Like a Good Beer Story?

My friend Arnie’s home made beer was better than the great beer I buy. When Arnie taught me how to brew beer at home, I got a new hobby, saved a lot of money, and I’m now enjoying the best, most refreshing beer I’ve ever tasted. It’s easy to make home brew and it’s a lot of fun. All it takes is a good recipe and some easy to get ingredients. I’ll never settle for store-bought beer again!

Visit a Winery Today

If you’re a wine lover and haven’t visited a winery lately, you should plan a trip soon. Visiting a winery is a good way to sample wines to make sure you like them before spending money on something you’re unsure about.

Personalised Champagne – What Options Are There?

Personalised champagne is quite a broad term, so let’s start by defining what we mean and what we don’t mean. I’m not talking about having it blended especially for you! Yes it is possible if you are rich enough.

White Wine Grapes Guide

Grapes used to make white wine produce an array of flavors and colors, with colors ranging from clear to a golden yellow as the wine ages. Since different climates affect the flavors of the grapes, different regions produce drastically different wines.

Red Wine Grapes Guide

Have you ever wondered what kind of grapes go in to the wine you drink? There are several types of grapes grown in all different climates and parts of the world. Cabernet franc, Chenin blanc, and Dolcetto are just a few of the types of grapes used for making reed wine. Over the next few minutes you will get some insight into the wonderful world of red wine.

Types of White Wines

White wine owes its light coloring to the color of the grape used-golden, green, and white being the most common. However, some wineries produce white wine by using only the flesh of a red grape. White wine usually accompanies lighter meals and often pairs well with light meat or seafood.

Make Your Own Beer – Without Making Mistakes

If you are going to make your own beer then your biggest worry has to be that something will go wrong and the whole brew will be ruined. What can you do to reduce the chances of that happening to almost zero? The answer could be very simple…

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