Shannon Ridge Winery Presented by The California Wine Club (VIDEO)

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Shannon Ridge Winery, established in 2005, owns about 1,200 acres of sustainably farmed vines in Lake County, all located between elevations of 1,500 to 2,200 feet. Shannon Ridge grows all their own fruit and makes their own wine. They are a small team that pushes the limits of viticulture and winemaking. Learn more about Shannon Ridge Winery in this video made by The California Wine Club.

Is Calvados Your Favorite Brandy?

Even though many think brandy is a drink it is a word used for three different brandies. These are calvados, armagnac and cognac. The world seems to divide into three classes. Each of these has a preference for one of the brandies and is fairly passionate about it.

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Winery tours to Napa Valley are every food connoisseur’s dream come true. The Napa valley is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful travel destinations of the world in addition to being America’s capital for gourmet food and wine. Located in California, this valley offers picturesque and panoramic views and is the ideal place to unveil the wine making tradition of world renowned wineries.

How To Find the Very Best Wine Sales Online

Wines are, as acknowledged by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), a significant part of Australian life, a common link shared by both its outdoor and urban lifestyles. It is constantly one of the top producers of the drink in the world; the country’s soil and climate have been valuable in helping the country’s products gain widespread international acclaim and awards.

Is Armagnac Your Favorite Brandy?

Some people think that brandy is a drink. Actually it is the name that covers three brandies. So you are drinking brandy when you are drinking armagnac, cognac or calvados.

How To Make Wine At Home

When we talk of wine-making, we see images of miles and miles of vineyard, a crowd of people trampling/ crushing grapes with their bare feet in a huge tub and barrels of wine in the cellar. Perhaps this practice is still followed but now, with modern technology, wine making is not so toilsome.

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