Savor Spectacular Artisan Wine at August Briggs Winery

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When long-time employees Matt Gasco and Colette Milliman purchased August Briggs Winery in Napa’s Calistoga appellation in 2011, it was a “wish fulfilled,” says Colette.

An Outlook On Australian Wine

Australia is widely known for its kangaroos, sports facilities, koalas and also for its wines. Australian wine is the world’s fourth largest selling wines and comprises of a large slice of the country’s exports.

How to Taste Wine (Like a Wine Snob)

Let me start off by saying, I am in no way, a wine snob. I don’t sit around with my friends, wearing loafers, drinking wine and discussing politics. I’m not sure where my infatuation with wine even came from. I am part Italian and Portuguese but then again, my southern side of the family also drinks a lot of wine.

Cultural Essentials: An Overview of Chilean Wine

If you are going to Spanish school in Santiago, you probably want to limit the amount of alcohol you drink during your trip so that you can remain alert during your classes. However, with that word of caution aside, it is imperative that you sample the world-renowned local wines when you are not studying for your Spanish classes in Chile. Currently, there are over 70 wineries in the country.

How To Buy Champagne Correctly

At first glance, this title may seem silly. Buying Champagne is easy, isn’t it? All you need is money, to be of proper legal drinking age, and a liquor store, right? Well in fact it is a little more complex than that for several reasons, including that Champagne is fragile so that storage is an issue and that there are so many different types, styles, and brands of Champagne that it can be confusing. We address all these issues below.

Save Money With Stemless Wine Glasses

If you are anything like me at the moment, thriftiness is consistently the order of the day. After all, in the current climate, and with our personal finances under ever-increasing pressure, doesn’t it make complete sense to tighten up wherever you are able to? I’m always on the lookout for a good deal and most people are more inclined to do the same these days.

Four Steps to Wine Tasting

Have you ever wondered what wine tasting actually entails? What the difference is between drinking and tasting? Why do people swirl, sniff, and sip? What are they looking for? Don’t worry, when it comes to learning about wine tasting, you’ve come to the right place.

Wall Wine Racks and Hanging Wine Racks Are Great Options

Wall wine racks and wine racks for cabinets are a really popular choice for many residences. Wine connoisseurs repeatedly buy wine, and need clever and also attractive methods to keep this wine.

How Did the Mile High State Become the Napa Valley of Beer?

John Hickenlooper, the governor of the state of Colorado, has recently defined the state of Colorado as being the Napa Valley of Lager. Colorado breweries are all around. There are more breweries for every capita within the state of Colorado in comparison with every other state.

The Fine Five – 5 Basic Tips For Storing Wine

Storing wine is not a difficult science to master. Here are the five basic things to remember to help your wine age properly.

Colorado’s Brewing Market Is Expanding

The Colorado breweries market is expanding. What is happening to this market that is making it explode? Find the low down on the Colorado breweries market now.

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