Samuel Robert: A Discovery from The California Wine Club

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Samuel Robert Coelho grew up immersed in farming and winemaking. As a young boy, his family moved from the farms of Tracy, California to the vineyards of the Willamette Valley to join the blossoming wine industry. There they founded Coelho Winery, where Samuel helped plant and develop their estate vineyard and, later, significantly grew their winery production into an internationally recognized brand. In 2011, Samuel, with wife, Bryn, founded his namesake winery with the goal of producing consistent, high quality Pinot Noir.

More Musings on Wine Tasting

The first in the process of wine tasting, the five S’s, as mentioned in a previous article, is Sight. The visual sense is the first sense one should use in assessing and determining the origin of the wine.

Red Wine Basics for Beginners

Wine is gaining popularity daily as an alcoholic beverage of choice. Its origins date back centuries and its purported health benefits increase its ever-growing popularity. In particular, red wine, with its antioxidant properties is in the spotlight. Standing in a wine shop, liquor store, or even the grocery store isles can be daunting for a beginner to navigate and come away with a tasty wine that is compatible with your own individual taste and preference. Today we’ll try to provide you with some very basic, simple red wine guidelines to help you choose a fantastic red wine.

Wine and Chocolate – A Wonderful Romantic Treat

Pairing wine and chocolate can make for an exceptional experience. Knowing how to correctly pair wine and chocolate can be tricky. This article provides some basic guidelines and rules of thumb on how to correctly pair wine and chocolate.

Create Your Own High Quality Oak Barrel Wines With Ease

Creating your own high-quality wine is easier than you may have thought. You can now purchase wine making kits that will allow you to make your own oak barrel wine at your leisure. The process of making your own oak barrel wine at home simply begins with selecting the type of wine you wish to make, and what quality of wine making kit you would like to use.

Setting Up Regular Wine Tasting Events

There are clubs for just about any hobby or pastime that you can imagine, and one that is fast gaining ground in the popularity department is wine tasting clubs. More and more people are coming to the realization that wine tasting is not the pretentious hobby for the wealthy person such as that portrayed by actors and producers on Television and in the movies.

Wine Tasting in Tuscany

This area is very well known for its gorgeous landscapes, artistic culture and has a times been the home to many famous artists such as Leonardo Divinci and Michelangelo, but what else is there about this famous land of beauty? I would have to say its wines! The wines developed within Tuscany are known for their world-class smoothness, aroma and best of all in these modern days, you can visit the wineries and try many of these wonderful wines even before you buy!

Entertaining Your Guests With Wine

If you’re having a party or just some friends over for some wine and appetizers, you may want to make it a bit fancier by having a wine tasting, or investing in some new wine glasses and accessories. To really make your entertaining incredible, try to incorporate the following tips into your party planning.

Eating and Wining: How to Choose Your Red Wine

If you’re having a dinner party and want to serve wine, it’s important to know which wine is best for what dishes. You don’t want to pair the wrong type of red wine with what you are serving because wine helps bring the rich flavor of certain foods out and you don’t want to ruin the experience for your guests. Before you have your next dinner party, consult the following food and wine guide.

Stemmed or Stemless, THAT Is the Question!

$100k saved with Stemless Wine Glasses is certainly no laughing matter, and what a cool and modern way to achieve it. Even if its just $100 saved, your investment will pay off…

The Romance of Winery Tourism

The experience of visiting a vineyard or winery is termed ‘Winery Tourism’. It is big business for the wine industry, so let’s delve into it and see what it’s about.

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