Ruby Port vs Tawny Port

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A taste comparison of two styles of Port Wine. Learn about the different styles and aging processes in Port wine and then taste how these aging processes affect the wine.

Myths of Wine

Wine is a mystery to most people who don’t drink wine and even to those who drink it often. So here are a few wine myths which you can brag to your friend about.

Types of Wine Glasses

Vessels for drinking wine have been around for a long time. Today varieties of wine glasses are available in the market. There are 3 types of wine glasses: 1. Red wine glasses 2. White wine glasses 3. Champagne flutes or glasses, depending on how you like to say it.

Wine and Health – Yes There Are Health Benefits From a Little Wine

With the human body there is a right amount of most things. Too little or too much can be a problem.With wine there are health benefits if you get it right. Do you know the benefits and what is the right amount to consume? This article will explain.

The Sophistication of Wine Glasses

Many people think that wine can be drunk out of anything: a paper cup, beer glass, stein, bourbon glass, etc. The simple fact of the matter is, that’s not the case. Red wines and white wines have different properties that help accentuate their flavor. Red wine is meant to be drunk at room temperature while white wine is designed to be drunk chilled to seal the flavors in. It should be held at the stem drinking it slowly.

Merlot Comes of Age – Jan 2010

Red wine online has gone from strength to strength and during the winter months drinkers move into red wine from white wine and rose wine. Merlot this autumn has raced into the number one grape on our website. The reasons for this are very varied but also fascinating as it represents consumer’s change of habits.

All You Need to Know About “Old World” and “New World” Wine

The earliest New World winemakers in the 18th and 19th centuries generally followed the principles of the wine making techniques present in European countries at that time, with the intent of creating wines that strongly resembled those obtainable in Europe. However, their own climates and soils were totally different; often having to put up with sweltering temperatures never encountered in the Old World homeland.

The Man Behind Wine Glasses

For some people the container from which wine is drunk is of little importance. They believe that having anything like a mug or a cup doesn’t make any difference. But for a serious drinker the vessel from which wine is going to be consumed matters a lot. It is the shape and size of the wineglass that can change the flavor, balance, and finish.

Beer Making Equipment

Brewing beer at home is becoming more and more popular. Not only is homebrew an affordable method of having a steady supply of beer on tap, it is also a way to experiment with your creativity and come up with some truly unique beer flavors and impress your family and friends.

Resveratrol – Are Red Wine Benefits the Fountain of Youth?

French red wine extract is a better way to enjoy the benefits of drinking wine because there is as much as resveratrol in one capsule as there is in 200 bottles of red wine. Most people do not understand that most red wines do not contain resveratrol. There are multiple plants that yield resveratrol including peanuts and polygonum cuspidatum, but only French red wine extract has earned top grades in university research.

The Top 7 Wine Myths You Need to Know

Here are the top misconceptions about wine. Know these and you will enhance your enjoyment of wine.

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