Roblar Winery Presented By The California Wine Club (VIDEO)

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Nestled in an oak tree-studded 40-acre vineyard located in the heart of Santa Barbara County, Roblar Winery and Vineyards reflects the spirit of Santa Ynez Valley – rustic, authentic, and bold. Their philosophy is to foster a unique visitor experience of bringing together great wine, great food, and great friends. Get to know Roblar Winery in this video from The California Wine Club.

A Beginners Guide to Wine

For the novice wine drinker, entering into the world of the grape and vine can be a daunting experience as there is just so much to take on board and so much to learn to gain an appreciation of this wonderful and complex world. To make this task less daunting and overwhelming though, I have compiled some of the basics below which should give you a good basic knowledge of what the world of wine is all about. When you have a guide to refer to it can make the whole experience of wine a lot richer and more enjoyable.

How Many Calories and Carbs Are In Red Wine?

One of the hardest parts of any diet can be cutting down the amount of alcohol that you are consuming as this can be a real deciding factor in the amount of weight that you lose. When dieters look around for alternatives to their normal tipple they are usually recommended red wine as a viable option that is less calorific and carb fuelled but let’s take a close look at this assumption and see if it’s true.

Types of Corkscrew and Wine Openers and How to Use Them

When I first started to write this article, I had a small list of corkscrew types, but I had forgotten all the obscure types so the list grew much larger. I decided to start with the three most popular like the Waiter’s Corkscrews, Wing Corkscrews and Lever type wine opener. I know everyone is familiar with these.

Thinking of Upgrading to a 100 Bottle Wine Cellar or Beyond?

Moving up to or considering finding a new 100 bottle wine cellar? Or are you adding another wine cooler because your wine collection is continuing to expand? Well, no matter what the case may be, it is often the case that we just love filling these things up with our favorite crafted wines.

The Beer Attitude

Big Beer seems to be the reason the new craft beer focused show Beer Masters will not get renewed a second season. That’s Anthony Bourdain’s claim. Discover Channel reports a small audience.

I Love Grape Stomping

One of my all-time favorite “I Love Lucy” episodes, entitled “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” first aired on April 16, 1956. Lucy gets into a mashed grapes fight and becomes the color purple! So, you ask, why is this “I Love Lucy” episode important in this article? The answer: local wineries do offer grape stomping events in which you may try to duplicate Lucille Ball’s hilarious fun.

Two Different Types of Wine Clubs

Many people enjoy wine and have thought of joining a wine club. Did you know there are actually several kinds? In this article, I talk about two different types.

The Earliest, Most Reliable Evidence of Wine Production

We all have heard the old saying, “What came first: the chicken or the egg?” Well, what came first, red wine or white wine?

Drinking With Snobs – A Wine Drinker’s Survival Guide

Picture this. You have a hot date tonight with this beautiful, down to earth and lovely woman. A woman who happens to be a bona fide wine enthusiast, while you are far from it. Sure you enjoy a glass of wine every now and then when offered, but under normal circumstances your drink list selection is geared more toward a beer or a Long Island Iced Tea. So what do you do to impress her despite your less than enthusiastic approach to wine? Here are a few pointers that will surely help you win several points where others often fail.

Forget About the Social Climbers – Snag a Great White

White wine – a lot less complicated than red wine, low maintenance and easy to enjoy. But here’s the strangest thing about this lovely drink… over the years, white wine has fallen victim to red prejudice.

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