Rabbit Ridge and Serrano Wineries: Discover them with The California Wine Club

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Erich Russell, a former track and field instructor known as “the rabbit” founded Rabbit Ridge in 1981. Hard work led to multiple “Winery of the Year” awards and crafting up to 250,000 cases per year. His delicious wines have earned spots in Wine Spectator’s “Top 100 Wines of the World” four times, and have even been served at the White House. When Erich and wife Joanne decided to down-size to the level of the “good ol’ days,” Joanne’s daughter Sarah and son-in-law Brice Garrett came aboard to round out the team. Sarah and Brice have also created their own premium wine brand, Serrano, which means ‘mountain.’

Which Wine To Buy – The Best Wines For Your Health Are Organic

Looking back 50 years from now, almost all wines that were available for consumption world wide were made from organic grapes. Not because it was fashionable or because people demanded organic wines, but because that was how things were done in agriculture at that time. Back then the question which wine to buy was much easier!

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Beginners Wine Guide – A Brief Overview Of Wine

Looking for a beginners wine guide? Here is a brief overview of the world of wine for beginners.

Cheers And Cheeses

There are no general rules when it comes to pairing wines with cheeses. Anyone is free to mix and match according to their taste preferences. The main goal is to come up with a pair that blends with each other.

Grange and Other Icon and Luxury Wines by Penfolds

The most illustrious house of shiraz in the whole Australia is Penfolds. In 1951, Max Schubert, who was the company’s winemaker then, created the first bottles of what was to be the most legendary shiraz in the world – Grange Hermitage. This shiraz wasn’t actually accepted by wine lovers from the time the wine was commercially released in 1952 until after a few years. But today, it is sought-after for its explosion of flavors including berries, mint, tobacco, and leather.

All About Rose Wine

Rose wine tastes as it looks. Like its color, the flavor of rose is tamer or more subtle than its red varietal counterpart. This pink drink is generally a restrained mix of berries and cherries with hints of citrus. Its color ranges from a pale peach hue to a vibrant purplish tone. The shade depends on the grapes and techniques used.

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On Whacky Wine Names

Nigeria’s wine market is burgeoning, but crippling import duties and complex bureaucracy could dampen the boom before it gets started, wine professionals say. According to a Decanter.com report, wine sales in the country stand at US$300m annually and should hit $370m by 2015, according to figures released by market research group Aranca at a Wines of South Africa (WoSA) seminar late last week.

Wineries Owned by Rock Stars

Surprisingly, rock stars own wineries that produce exceptional wines. Musicians all over the world are buying up wineries along with other celebrities such as race car drivers, athletes, and movie stars.

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