Punta Carnero – Ecuador

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These video’s and pictures were taken in Punta Carnero Beach Ecuador. Punta Carnero is located 15 minutes from Salinas Beach in Ecuador’s Santa Elena Province. The ocean is a very beautiful light blue-green color and the waves can be very impressive depending on the time of day. These video’s and pictures were taken 11/22/2015. This time of year is considered the off season for Ecuador’s beaches.

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For a long time now, French wine has been regarded as a highly prized and much desired kind of wine in many countries all over the world, due to its high quality, unique taste and also by virtue of France being one of the oldest wine cultivating regions in the world. There are a number of French wine importers in every country who handle the import of French wine in their countries and thus, enable the wine lovers and enthusiasts of each country to get a taste of the traditional French wine from its different regions.

French Wine Reviews

Many wine guides and special books on French wine are easily available these days. These guides and books provide reviews on the various different kinds of French wine. These reviews give a lot of information on the many French wines which are useful to not only novices who want to know more about the different wines, but also to wine enthusiasts who wish to enhance their knowledge of wines. The reviews include basic facts about the wine such as what grapes are used to make a particular wine, which region it comes from, and so on. In addition to this factual information, the reviews also give information such as what it tastes like, what kind of food it is ideal to accompany, what occasion it is suited for and what the general price range is. The reviews are also accompanied by a rating of the wine. Although whether a person likes or dislikes a particular wine is a purely subjective matter, these reviews help one to get a rough idea of whether they should drink a particular wine and whether it suits their needs.

French Wine Industry

There is no doubt that the French wine industry is one of the largest wine industries in the world, equaling Italy and Spain. The French wine industry is leading, along with Italy in terms of maximum quantity of wine produced, producing 23.1% of the total wine in the world. Many of the French wines rank among the best wines in the world, due to their quality attributes. Within France, Bordeaux can be regarded as the most important region of wine production and contributes massively to the French wine industry. In fact, Bordeaux wines are famous all over the world for their quality. Other regions such as Burgundy and Champagne often undergo scarcity effects due to limited vineyard area and as a result, these wines end up costing higher than the wines from other regions.

French Wine Appraisal

Wine appraisal is the process of appraising or deciding on the value of a particular wine by a wine expert. Wine appraisal or wine evaluation, as it is generally called, has often been considered as a snobbish activity but in reality, it is a very serious and important aspect of dealing with wines. Without it, the field of viticulture is actually incomplete.

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Wine is an alcoholic beverage prepared from the fermentation of grape juice. Many varieties of wines are available in the market.

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Selection of a suitable wine racking system is crucial, as humidity and temperature fluctuations can ruin the taste of wine.

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France is one of the five largest wine producing regions in the world along with the United States, Spain, Italy and Argentina. Within France there are several wine producing regions namely, Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Corsica, Côtes du Rhone, Languedoc-Roussillon, Loire Valley, Provence and South West. The quality of wine produced may differ greatly from region to region. Although there are many wine producers in each region, there are some wine producers who are regarded as the best in a particular region.

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