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Are Screw Caps Taking Over From Corks?

With the screw cap and plastic stopper very much on the increase as a wine bottle closure, have natural corks had their day and what are the implications? Find out here…

The Secrets to Making Homemade Wine

Find out the secrets to making really good homemade wine. Stick to the detail and you will have cracked the code on home winemaking and saved yourself a lot of money in the process.

Five Great 90+ Wines Under 20 Dollars

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great bottle of wine. Most of you who are familiar with wine know that a wine given a point score of 90 or higher means it is a wine of excellent quality.

A Micro History of the Wine Glass

As we all may know glass hasn’t been around forever. We also know that wine’s been around for thousands of years. That being said it’s also safe to say that the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans probably didn’t drink their wine from Riedel, Zwiesel, or di Cambio glasses.

Low Alcohol Beer

Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is estimated that over 130 billion litres of beer is consumed around the world every year (1999) and the rate of consumption is increasing by almost 1.5 percent per year. Being such a popular drink, there are, of course, many varieties of beer available and each of them has its own taste and also its own set of diehard fans.

Picking Wine For the Picky

I like wine. Because of this, I often get wine as gifts. I am an equal opportunity wine drinker and welcome any wine into my collection. Others, like my husband, have more defined tastes which make buying them wine a bit more dicey. Here is how I pick a bottle for the picky.

Things About Wine Making Yeast You Need to Know

Wine making yeast is an essential ingredient in the process of making wines. Grapes and other ingredients would not be converted to wine without the help of this organism. In fact, the process of fermentation does not start without yeast. For those who are planning to make wine, it is important you remember to add the wine yeast at the right time.

Northern Virginia Wineries

Virginia is well regarded for its rich colonial heritage and pivotal importance in American revolutionary history. The agriculture of the commonwealth has been centered on the growth and distribution of tobacco and peanuts, as well as a leading exporter of cotton, ham and seafood. However, many people outside of the area do not realize that Virginia is currently ranked tenth among US states in grape production, and the home to some of the nation’s best and most popular wineries.

Wine Drinkers

Alcohol has a varied reputation. On one hand it is the bane of the drunk, the bitter poison that sends genius into madness, and drives success out into the gutters. On the other hand it is a celebratory, a toast to good fortune, the fuel of festivals, and a jolly social lubricant.

Do Wine Glasses Really Matter?

Whether you’re dining out or in, the enjoyment of eating and drinking is always enhanced by table linens, silver, fine china and glassware. Your choice of a wine glass can detract from or enhance your wine tasting experience!

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