Port Wine and the Douro Valley

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Explore Portugal’s magical Douro Valley wine region, the home of Port wine. Full story here: https://winefolly.com/tutorial/making-port-wine/

Russian River Wine – Diverse and Flavorful

Some of the best wine you’ll ever taste is made in the Russian River valley of Sonoma County, California. Yes, we all know what Napa produces, but the wineries to the west of Napa put out product that can give Napa wineries a run for their money. Several great wineries inhabit this region and that’s what makes it special.

Getting Familiar With Wine Making Equipment

Anyone who wants to make wine has to become familiar with the bare necessities needed for that. Although there are scores of wine-making tools, a beginner has to focus on using the basic wine making equipment before graduating to the sophisticated instruments that require the sensitivity of an expert to use. The fermenting barrel or jar is essential for wine making equipment One item you shouldn’t be without in your wine making equipment is the container where the wine juice or must is fermented.

Buy Wine Online For Urgent Requirement

To stand apart in the face of stiff competition and to maintain a cordial relation with your clients, you know that only good service will not serve the purpose. You will also gift them something special so that they remain interested to continue their work your firm. Gifts are not just to maintain and strengthen your personal relations but also needed to improve your personal bonding.

Make Your Own Wine – A Bit of Chemistry

A simple yet popular activity that is rapidly gaining followers is the art of home wine making. Using grapes, making a wine is rather simple but understanding the chemistry behind this art can be just as important as knowing what grapes to add. Simply knowing the amount of sugar in the grapes can be very important information as it may determine the amount of sugar or water that needs to be added to the grapes to make the wine.

What You Must Know Before Becoming a Monthly Wine Club Member

Then becoming a member of a monthly wine club is perfect for you, that is if you are not yet a member of one. These associations come in very handy when you need to find out about a particular fine vintage coming from this winery or that country. Also, club members will be people just like you sharing the same interests.

How to Taste Bordeaux Red Wine

When tasting the wine it is important to remain objective about it’s qualities that make it valuable as a product as opposed to other wines. Well all have our preferences, our likes and dislikes, however our aim here is not leisure, but to rank these goods and to predict their future potential. Well all right then, a little bit of a leisure too.

How To Enjoy Wine Without Being A Snob

The world of wine can be daunting. It’s no fun to go to a restaurant and have no idea what kind of wine to order. This guide helps you make wine decisions quickly and easily.

Choosing The Right Appetizers for a Wine Tasting Party

Wine tasting parties are just the thing for getting together with friends and family, whether officially or informally. Everyone gets a chance to relax, regroup and catch up on socializing. Wine tasting parties require much less work to throw together than do dinner parties, and they can be just as elegant and rewarding.

The West Coast Is Not Setting the Trend for This Seasons Grape Harvest

Normally by this point in the year, (late September) the grape harvest at wineries across the west coast is well under way. But for anyone who has been paying attention to media coverage of the industry it is common knowledge this is a late year. That has not been the case for most of the rest of the country’s wine producing regions however.

Wine Coolers – How to Choose the Right One for Your Needs and Budget

A wine cooler is a refrigeration unit installed either over or under a counter top or by itself in a kitchen or bar area of a home. Wine coolers provide a temperature and humidity controlled environment in which to store your wine collection. There are many types and brands at varying price levels on the market today. But simply buying the least expensive cooler with the capacity you need is not usually the best approach. There are many other factors which must be considered.

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