Plan a trip to Napa – “Planning your first trip to Napa Valley”

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In this video I talk about planning your first trip to Napa and some things to think about in terms of accommodations, dining, flights, scheduling appointments, and dress code. The view of the Valley from this spot is absolutely remarkable. So beautiful

A Brief History Of Beer – Part 1 4300 BC – AD1502

History of beer in chronological order.

A Brief History Of Beer – Part 2 AD 1516 – AD 1898

History of beer in chronological order.

Wine Accessories Gifts

To enjoy wine to its fullest extent, the shape of the glass plays a very important role; helping to aerate and concentrate the aroma of the wine. The wine glass you choose should have an adequate stem length for proper handling.

Bartending for Hot Summer Nights

When the fun starts, and you need to spice up the mood of your guests, you cannot fail if you serve these cocktails!

Real Alcohol-free Bartending

You don’t need the alcohol to enjoy a good cocktail! Bartenders mix the tastiest fruit juices to create cocktails that are flavorsome and rich in nutrients.

Dom Perignon Champagne – The Facts About Dom Perignon Champagne

Dom Perignon champagne is a sparkling wine made in France. The area where it’s made is about 1 hour travel from Paris, and it is the only area where Champagne, the wine, can be produced. The first commercial sparkling wine was produced in the Limoux area of France around the year 1535. You can say that sparkling wine was not invented; no-one knows who first made it.

Choosing Right Wines

There are certain things to be considered before buying wine. Many sellers may sell duplicate wines after their expiry date using attractive labels. You can be easily fooled in the selection of wine bottles as there will be thousands of bottles in the shop.

The Egyptian Wine Gods

Mythology holds within it tales of gods who once governed the heavens above and the world below. Many people are familiar with mythology, particularly Greek Mythology (Hi, Zeus) or Norse Mythology (What’s up, Thor), but Egyptian Mythology also contains significant importance, particularly when it comes to wine. Never mind walking like an Egyptian, it’s time to drink like an Egyptian, at least an Egyptian God.

The Wine Enthusiast’s Guide to Creative Wine Gifts

Gift giving is an art form. You want to make an impression and give the perfect gift, but how and what? It’s especially challenging with a wine enthusiast. But there’s a perfect answer, and it’s revealed in this article.

Wine Glossary – Drinking in the Greek Language

Every wine producing region in the world has its own lingo. The French have terms for wine that the Hungarians don’t, the Americans have terms for wine that the Australians don’t, and the Italians have terms for wine that the Germans don’t. In fact, in the entire wine world, the only term that may transcend nations is the word translated to mean, “More.”

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