Pie vs Wine – The Ultimate Thanksgiving Dessert Pairing

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Tasting Wine at Napa Valley Wine Tours

Napa Valley stretches north and south across 30 miles between the city of Napa and the town of Calistoga. More than 46,000 acres of agricultural splendor fill the area with one chief purpose: grapes.

Italian Wine Guide For Beginners

Italians have successfully planted a lot of dominant international varietals. However if you are truly interested in tasting the best Italian wine, then it is the country’s local wine which offer the true flavor of Italy. Italian wines taste really good when they are aged. It is a daunting task for non Italians to completely understand the wine label and pick up a good wine. For beginners it is important that you understand the basic classification of Italian wine.

Wine Guide – Fat Bastard and Yellow Tail Wine

Wine has always been one of the most enticing alcoholic beverages across all times. Nowadays a good quality wine is most commonly associated with a very high price tag which makes it unreachable to regular people. Although it is widely believed that cheap wine lacks quality, there are a few selected brands that do not conform to this rule. Fat Bastard wine and Yellow Tail wine are one of few brands that combine amazing quality with a very reasonable price tag.

Santa Barbara California – Wine Country

Santa Barbara County is home to over 100 wineries in four federally approved wine appellations, or AVAs: Santa Ynez Valley, Sta. Rita Hills, Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria Valley. The Santa Ynez Valley is the best of these four areas for a wine tasting tour because it has the highest concentration of wineries and is located the nearest to the city of Santa Barbara.

Guide For Wine Tasting

If you are a true wine lover and would like to truly enjoy the taste of different types, then you need to know certain basic knowledge on how to taste a wine. It is very important to taste it in a proper manner so that you will be able to differentiate between various wines and also know the one which you like the most.

Wine Tasting Party – Do’s and Dont’s

When the holidays roll around it is time for you to host an exciting wine tasting party. This is an ideal way to bond more with your friends and family. Wines are loved by everyone and it will be an adventurous night to taste some of the exotic and wild verities of wines.

Traditional Red Wine Making (Part 1)

Traditional wine making requires a different fermentation system than modern wine making. In the traditional wine making the stalks are usually part of the fermentation and for richer wine, grapes are being crushed as opposed to be left whole.

Top Wine Tasting Party Gifts What You Should Bring to a Wine Event

A article on great wine gift to bring to a wine tasting party. From premium gifts to a gift on the smallest of budgets sure to impress. Something that will leave your host happy you came to the party.

The Best Beer Cooler is the Beer Scooter

Beer coolers keep on getting better and better. And a cooler with beer is a necessary part of life.

Enjoying Wine and Spirits Around Fire Pits

Wine always reminds us of how sweet life is. Magnify that feeling while drinking your favorite drink with a fire pit.

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