Per Caso Cellars Shares Award Winning Nebbiolo Wine

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Proprietor and Winemaker Steve Glossner (with business partner and wife Lola) has earned a reputation for making Paso Robles wines of singular style and quality.

The Health Benefits of Beer

At this point in life, most of us have heard from non-drinkers about how bad beer is for you. You’ve heard ’em, it’s the same crowd that decries beer, and actually claim this adult beverage leads the unsuspecting drinker down the road to alcoholism. Well, the truth is, beer is no more a gateway drink to alcoholism than aspirin is a gateway drug to being a drug addict.

Tips on Ordering Wine Online

If you want to order online but are a bit apprehensive to do it due to certain reasons, this article gives a few helpful tips on how to purchase wine bottles via the internet. Once you follow these tips, you’ll realize that making online purchases doesn’t have to be a worrisome activity.

Choosing the Right White Wine to Serve

Despite the overwhelming popularity of red wine, there are still those who prefer the white varietals. Check out this article to find out which white wine bottles will go well with the food you’re serving next time you host a dinner.

Everything Craft Beer

Sharing my love for craft beer and its growing popularity. Also to introduce people to the beer scene if you haven’t yet experienced it.

The Premium Winemaker That Is Penfolds

There are products that stand out because of their outstanding quality. In the industry of winemaking, Australia’s Penfolds is easily one of top producers of wine not only in the land down under, but all over the world. Get a Penfolds bottle and experience a wine-tasting experience like no other.

Penfolds Grange – Australia’s Most Famous Wine

Penfolds Grange, the facts, summary and things you need to know if you decide to start collecting this famous Australian wine. Is Penfolds Grange a good investment and where can I buy and sell Penfolds Grange?

The Ancient History of Wine

It is very obvious that wine and history have greatly influenced each other. The earliest scientific evidence of grapes is the Fossil vines which are millions of years old. The first written account of wine vines is in the Old Testament of the Bible. It states that Noah had planted a vineyard and made wine.

It Is Impossible To Replicate the Taste of Your Favorite Wine From One Identical Bottle To the Next?

When we find something, in this case wine, that we find most enjoyable because of a great taste, we want to repeat that same taste profile and enjoy that taste all over again. The odds are against us to accomplish that because of a lot of variables that impact our sense of taste. Here we will look at what impacts or inhibits our ability to create that magical moment with an identical bottle of nice bottle of wine.

The Importance of Maintaining Draft Beer Pressure

Maintaining a constant pressure for beer is essential for proper storage, taste and presentation. A constant and uniform pressure should be maintained in the barrel while beer is on tap to prevent loss of carbonation in the beer. A pressure of twelve to fourteen pounds of C02 gas is usually most satisfactory to protect the carbonation and original brewery-fresh taste of the beer.

The Basics of Beer Storage

In this article, we will discuss the importance of keeping beer properly stored while it’s waiting to be served at your bar, establishment, or private party. Nobody likes skunky beer that has been cooled and warmed over and over again. Here are some tips on storage and packaging.

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