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In the early 1900s, Lodi grapegrowers shipped tons of fruit throughout America via railway stops such as Peltier Station, even doing a brisk business during Prohibition. In 1985, Rodney Schatz and his wife Gayla purchased 40 acres in Lodi and established their first vineyard near that historic train stop.

Thank You, Monks, for Preserving Viticulture!

After the Roman Empire collapsed, mankind became enmeshed in a period of time that we often would rather forget: the Dark Ages. Thanks to the monks, civilization survived, not just through the preservation of learning, but also through the art of wine making!

The Most Famous White Wine

When it comes to identifying the most famous white wine it is not a difficult task. However the question arises as to whether the most famous is also the best. There are many ways to approach evaluating white wine and here are but a few.

The Perfect Wine Gifts Ideas For The Holidays And Other Special Occasions

Wine can be considered among if not the most delicious drink in the world. It is no wonder that it is now a common gift choice for special occasions. Aside from wine itself, wine kits can also be a choice for presents for your friends and loved ones.

The Expensive Champagne Brands: Top 20

Champagne is certainly one of the world’s finest drinks. It fits just about any occasion and a goof number of people use it to because it adds a note of style, elegance, class and luxury. The richer people use champagne as a celebration drink and they also combine it with caviar. Depending on the type of celebration, there are different types of champagne available.

Italy’s Heel: Traditional Italian Wine Finds Greatness

Italian wine lovers know their Chianti and Killer B’s, but are not always as knowledgeable about wines from the Italy’s sun-drenched heel. Here in southern Italy is a great secret wine-making area which has been producing wines for thousands of years. Today, Italian wine comes under the authority of the central government which carefully manages its certifications, especially important to the export market.

Budweiser Makes Strides in Reducing Water Consumption

Ask any beer lover and you’ll learn that water is an essential ingredient of beer – there’s simply no replacement for it. However, water is also one of the most important substances on the planet and finding ways to conserve water is vital. Many areas of the globe suffer from water shortages, and many companies have stepped up to help curb water waste.

Get Your Beer Fest On – UK Pub Rocks a 19-Day Festival

Beer festivals are nothing new here in the States. It seems like every state has their own spring or summer festival. Just take a look at the weeklong festival held in Arizona, one of the best in the nation. However, the UK also does things up right when it comes to festivals.

What Is White Beer and Why Do You Want It?

The time has come to put away your dark stouts and porters and to liven up your drinking with something a bit…white. While stout and porter are excellent options for long, dark winter nights, springtime is a time for a different beer.

Beer Bottle Colors: Why Brown Leads the Pack

If you’ve ventured down to your local grocery store to peruse the beer section lately, chances are good that you’ve seen row upon row of bottles gleaming under those fluorescent lights – six-packs, 12-packs, cases and even singles. It’s also likely that you saw a predominant number of brown bottles available with a smattering of green and clear bottles tossed in. Why the color range?

Five Signs That You Might Be a Beer Geek

The term “geek” has undergone a lot of evolution in recent years. It’s become almost sexy to be labeled as a geek in many circles. Geekdom has come to the world of beer, as well – beer geeks are a special breed. Are you one? Here are five signs that you might be!

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