Peju Province Winery: The Dream continues

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Peju Province has been enjoyed by wine club members for many years and is testament to what The California Wine Club provides wine club members: top-notch selections from family-run wineries who are truly passionate about what goes into every bottle and how they go about producing some of the best wines that Napa Valley has to offer. The consumer is king at Peju Province, and the winery has a way of making you feel more than a bit like royalty, especially when you cross the bridge to a splendid, French country-style tower where wine is served. It is an exceptional, memorable wine experience for each visitor. Learn more about Peju Province winery:

Wine Coolers – Experts in Storing Wine

Are you planning on a cosy and romantic dinner with your partner? Or is it time for yet another fun-filled and happy family get-together? Whichever it is, one common item in both is the sweet and intoxicating wine of any flavour.

Lenox – An American Treasure

The name Lenox has always been associated with fine tableware and giftware. As a kid, I remember thinking that their gold-tipped china was the stuff of royalty. In fact, it’s the stuff of presidents. Their wares have graced the White House for decades as the American choice for tasteful, sophisticated tableware and serveware. They’ve also been featured in museums, they’ve garnered numerous awards and they’ve been used in private homes for elegant food service for decades. The Lenox story is long and rich…

New Years Eve And Champagne, 5 Common Questions

Many of us like to celebrate New Years Eve with festivities including Champagne, but very few of us drink enough of it to know much about it. Although it is a wonderful and food friendly wine suitable for any occasion where wine is appropriate, it often remains shrouded in mystery and as New Years approaches people often start asking questions about it. Here are five of the most common questions I hear.

5 Great Reasons To Drink Champagne

People often associate Champagne only with special events like Weddings, Christenings, and more, but it really is a wonderful wine suitable for many occasions. There really needs to be no mystique about it, it is simply wine, although certainly one of the great white wines of the world. And besides Champagne, which is always from Champagne, France, hence its name, there are also many wonderful and often much less expensive sparkling wines from other areas of the world such as Italy, California, Spain, and even England.

Weird Beer: Uses for Beer That You Might Not Know

Beer has been used since time out of mind for a wide variety of different things. It once formed the cornerstone of feasts and festivals during ancient times, and has been a “social lubricant” as long as it’s been around. Today, most people use beer as, well, a beverage. However, there are a few other uses for your favorite brew that you might not be aware of.

Margaret River Wineries, Producer of World Class Wines

More than just kangaroos and koalas, Australia is also home to some of the finest wines in the world. The Margaret River wineries in Western Australia are slowly but surely bringing Australian wine production to the world stage.

Adding QR Codes to Wine Bottle Labels

Add QR codes to your wine bottles to help grow your brand and enhance your product. You can create custom landing pages with information specifically designed for someone holding that bottle to better engage the customer and increase the likelihood of selling the bottle.

What Advantages You Can Possibly Get When You Buy Wine Online?

When you buy wine online, you give yourself a great deal. This saves you from the hassle of personally visiting wine shops. Doing this also takes little time. What’s more, you will enjoy choosing from a wide array of choices.

Three Great And Reasonably Priced Grower Champagnes

Traditionally, Champagne’s more than 15,000 grape farmers did not make and bottle their own Champagne. That was the job of big Champagne houses who bought their raw product, like Moet and Chandon and Perrier-Jouet and well as co-ops like Nicolas Feuillatte. Today there is a trend where growers are producing and bottling their own wines under their own names.

The History of Wassail

You are probably wondering – what is this absurd word ‘Wassail’. If not, then what you may not realise is that you have probably been drinking this festive beverage for many years and should be commended. Let me explain this foreign liquid to you, with no detail left unwritten.

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