Pairing Wine with Spicy Food (Bad Idea?)

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In this episode, Madeline tries to murder her tastebuds and become one with 5-star spicy Thai food.

How to Use Wine Decanting Accessories

Have you ever wondered why wine is poured into a decanter? Learn why wine decanting is so important. Even if your a casual wine aficionado, decanting your wine can be an important step to fully enjoying that special bottle of wine.

Wine Accessories Enhance Wine Drinking Experience

The benefits of choosing the right accessories can be varied. The casual to expert wine drinker determines the level of accessories needed from necessity to luxury. Read on to find out the benefits and uses of the various items available to the wine consumer.

The Basics of Wine Making – Anyone Can Do It

For ages, people have enjoyed wine for a number of reasons. Many drink it just because they like the taste, but by no means is this the exclusive reason why the drink is so popular. In fact, it’s been used in important religious ceremonies for thousands of years, and an entire culture has been built up around the beverage that has shaped thousands of lives across the world.

Slender Wine – Wine For the Health-Conscious

Has your doctor eliminated the “wine” in your “dine” because of health problems? Are you diabetic and forced to stay away from the beverage? Are you worried that too much wine will make you bloat?

Beverage Wine Refrigerator – Buying a Wine Bottle Refrigerator Tips!

For a lot of wine aficionados, stocking wine at room temperature is usually unsatisfactory. This is exactly what can make a Beverage Wine Refrigerator a really beneficial item of equipment.

Wine Bottle Refrigerator Can Protect Your Wine Investment!

Do you take pleasure in having fine wines, sharing them with dinner guests and buying quality bottles? In that case, it is likely you recognize the need for correct storage for preserving your wines tasting their finest as well as for averting spoilage.

Wine Making Essentials For the Beginner

If there’s ever been a food or drink with a history behind it, it’s wine. Used practically since the beginning of civilization by king and commoner alike, it’s a drink that speaks to our more refined sensibilities and offers us a chance to not just consume a beverage, but to get lost in it, think about it, and really, truly enjoy it.

TABC Certification – Licensing to Serve Alcohol

TABC certification is the certificate program that is available from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for servers and restaurant/bar owners and managers who live and work in the state of Texas. Getting a certificate to serve in Texas is not required by state law, but is generally required by many different employers regardless of what the law says.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

If you love wine, you’ll be happy to know that experts report health benefits from drinking a glass or two (the two is usually for males because of their body weight) a day. This kind of moderation makes drinking wine fine for most people and can contribute to more physical and psychological well being.

Around the World With a Rabbit Corkscrew

Being a wine lover, such an incredible accessory as the rabbit corkscrew is essential when you plan on starting a world wide wine party. And the best thing about this type of gathering is that you don’t even have to travel around the world to start understanding about the various types of cultures that those countries have.

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