PAIRING WINE WITH FOOD – A Basic Guide to this popular topic

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In this video I go over the basics of food and wine pairing to help you understand what certain types of flavours do to your wine

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5 Great Wines Under 20 Dollars

You don’t have to spend a fortune to drink fantastic wine. There are hundreds of great wines being produced in the US and all over the world, and many of them can be had for under $20. Here are 5 of my personal favorites.

Homemade Carignan Wine

In the French region, the kind of grape that is most widely planted and used to produce red wine, even wine homemade, are the Carignan grapes. To give you a little background, during the 1960’s, as soon as Algeria gained its independence, affordable grapes started being sourced out from the region. France took advantage of this and since then made Algeria its main supplier of cheap Carignan grapes.

Lower Alcohol Wines Worthy of Promotion

As consumer demand increases for low alcohol wines, are they really going to catch on or is this just another fad? Lower alcohol levels in wine do not result in wines of lower quality and character, they are just another ‘wine style’ being produced by leading winemakers.

Choosing the Best Components For a Personalised Wine Label

During the process of creating personalised wine labels, you may come to a point where you aren’t sure about what to have added to the label. For example, you may know that you want to include a personal message. Nevertheless, you may not know whether you want to go with a stock phrase, or come up with something original.

Three Tips For Creating Custom Wine Labels For Christmas

Are you planning to give custom bottles of wine to business associates, friends, or family members? Chances are, you will want to create the best possible impression with each bottle.

Three Tips For Choosing Great Wine Label Slogans

If you are going to give someone a personalized bottle of wine, you will most likely want to include a unique message. Unfortunately, you will find that it can be difficult to create something captivating and original with just a few words.

Three Occasions For Giving Personalised Wine Bottles

Chances are, you already know that weddings and engagements parties represent some of the most common occasions when people gift wine. Nevertheless, there are many other times when this particular gift will be appreciated by the recipient. Regardless of the event that you wish to celebrate, you can create a much better gift when you include a custom label on the bottle.

To Smell Or Not to Smell – The Forgotten Sense

Developing one’s olfactory skills is of course essential for the budding wine enthusiast, chef, or perfume artist. But is it necessary for the everyman? Just how important is olfaction – the fifth sense, as it often seems.

How Long After Opening Before a Bottle of Good Wine Becomes Undrinkable?

I love the “mystery” involved in working with wine. It is a tipple that is even more mysterious for the majority of people who are not involved in growing it and making it like me. As a winemaker, I get asked a constant stream of questions. One I’m frequently asked is, “Will a bottle of wine last for long after opening?”

Beer Review – Ramstein Blonde Wheat Beer

Ramstein Blonde Wheat is a bottle conditioned German style wheat beer. Very tasty, with some pleasant surprises. Complex enough to enjoy at a taster’s level, and refreshing enough just to drink.

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