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Learning More About French Wines

When you are going about choosing the perfect French wine, you will want to consider both the region the wine was made in and also the year. If you are just becoming interested in wine but don’t know much about it in general, then you will want to learn some of the basic facts before spending your money on a certain bottle.

How to Get Started With White Wine Making

Do you have a hobby? Are you considering making white wine for a hobby?

Tips For Ordering Your Wine in a Restaurant

Ordering your wine in a restaurant can be a daunting task. Just follow our easy tips for getting the best help in making your choice.

Make Your Own Organic Wine

The fundamental idea and purpose of organic winemaking is to produce a wine that hasn’t been polluted in any way by chemicals. While there are many wine farmers who grow organic grapes, almost all of them use some form of sulfites to help preserve the wine and prevent unhealthy bacteria from forming in the wine while it matures long term.

In Defense of Chardonnay

You say you hate Chardonnay. Really? How do you know if you don’t drink it?

Grenache, The Most Wildly and Most Undervalued Grape

Why is the most widely grown grape also one of the most undervalued and underestimated? Moreover, why is it rarely mentioned or seen on the shelf? I am, of course, referring to Grenache.

Wine Decanter – The Best Gift For Experts

The Wine decanter is a constant companion of all wine connoisseurs. You see them in parties–as part of their collection or a passed on as memento in the family. If you are planning to give a gift to your connoisseur friend, a piece of the glassware is all you need.

How to Make Homemade Wine in 7 Easy Steps

Wine, if taken moderately, is a good source of antioxidants and other cancer-preventive enzymes. It will be good then, if you know how to make homemade wine that you can readily store in your fridge. Fortunately, there are ways on how to make homemade wine that you can easily follow.

Georgia Wineries Finally Get Attention

Georgia Wineries have finally obtained the rightful place on the tables of the high and mighty in society. It never looked more promising as now, considering that before the 1970s, the vineyards of Georgia were nothing more than small family outfits that were struggling to make their experiment work with a lot of setbacks on the way.

What Makes a Good Cabernet – A Really Good Cabernet?

For ages now, cabernet has for the most part been reputed for its quality to age and dulcify with time. New flavors and aroma develops as it grows old, acquiring some subtle complexity in its taste. Cabernet is indeed Superior Bordeaux type of red wine made principally from one grape and carrying to its name.

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