On The Hunt for Good Cheap Wines (Trader Joes Edition) | Wine Folly

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Can we spend less than $10 for good cheap wine at Trader Joes. Sommelier, Madeline Puckette shows how to drink well on a budget. Take a Wine Folly Course → https://wfol.ly/YT-course

It’s possible to find great wines with a little wine education.

01:00 – Wines Reveal: How much was it?
01:40 – Susumaniello $9.99
02:43 – Portuguese Red Blend “Vinha da Fonte” $8.99
03:49 – Spanish Red Blend “Laya” $8.99
05:00 – Washington State Wahluke Slope Syrah $9.99
06:04 – Bordeaux Blend Chateau Roudier Montagne-Saint-Emilion $13.99
07:09 – Get a Wine Education

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