OAK KNOLL DISTRICT AVA – Napa Valley Sub-Appellation Series 4/16

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This “Series” of videos is dedicated to the exploration and education of the Napa Valley Sub-appellations or AVA’s.

In this video we visit the beautiful vineyards in the Oak Knoll AVA


The History of French Wine

During the Roman Empire, the wine cultivation extended to such a degree that there was a surplus. Due to this, in AD 92, an emperor passed a decree stating that all vineyards outside of Italy be uprooted. This led to quite a bit of loss and later, when replanting was allowed, vineyards came up in many European countries including France, Germany and England. The Middle Ages however, saw little progress in the field of wine cultivation.

Champagne Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are baskets filled to the brim with an assortment of gifts. The gifts in such baskets are generally linked by a theme. Not everybody has it in them to select the right kinds of items to fill a gift basket for a particular occasion. So, several people turn to ready gift baskets that are sold at various outlets. However, when it comes to something as exclusive as champagne gift baskets, it needs a certain amount of taste and knowledge about wines to put together a tasteful champagne gift basket. It is such exclusive domain that champagne gift basket creation enjoys the status of an art form.

Buying French Wine

Wine in general, cannot and should not be bought off the shelf without any thought. It is advised and recommended that those who are interested to buy wines should do prior research as to what kind of wine or wines will cater to their particular need, what are the prices in the market, what occasion the particular wine is suited for, which wine shop is the best to buy wine from and other such information. This will not only help the customer to buy exactly what he requires but also save any unnecessary expenses.

French Wine Regions

French wine can be described as a broad term which encompasses many different kinds of wine, distinguished on the basis of the region from which they are cultivated. The regions are Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Corsica, Côtes du Rhone, Languedoc-Roussillon, Loire Valley, Provence and South West. As each region differs from the other in terms of the kind of cultivation, the vineyards, the grapes used, the geographical location as well as the climatic condition, the wine from each area will have a different taste as compared to the wines from other areas.

Fine French Wine

Fine wine can also be referred to as vintage wine. Vintage wines are made from the grapes from single year’s harvest and are dated consequently. Many countries all over the world allow a vintage wine bottle to include some portion of wine that is not from the labeled vintage. Australia, New Zealand, and countries belonging to the European Union require 85% same years content for vintage-dated wine. In countries such as Chile and South Africa, the requirement is only 75% whereas in the United States the requirement is 95%.

French Wine Baskets

Most of the French wine shops offer special French wine baskets to their customers. These French wine baskets are generally decorative baskets comprising of a bottle of French wine accompanied by some chocolates or specific food items which are ideal for the particular wine. These are considered to be quite ideal for gifting purposes on various occasions and are much preferred by corporate companies as well as by wine lovers all over the world. Most wine shops offer different sizes of wine baskets, ranging from just one bottle to two or sometimes three bottles of different French wines in a basket. Many wine shops also give the customer the freedom to “make” his or her own gift basket that allows one to choose the wine and the goodies that he/she wants in a basket.

French Wine Country

French wine country refers to all the places within the entire French countryside, where the vineyards are cultivated. It has become a popular tourist destination attracting people from all over the world. Of course, it is also an educational place for wine lovers, who get an opportunity to increase their knowledge about the different kinds of French wine.

Champagne Drinks

For Dom Pérignon and his contemporaries, sparkling wine was not an intended and desired end product. Instead it was a sign of poor wine making, a sign that showed there was something done during the process of wine making that went wrong and made the wine go bubbly. They christened this unstable wine the “mad wine.”

French Wine Clubs

Many wine stores and different sites on the internet that primarily deal with the selling of fine French wines, also provide information on the different French wine clubs, to their customers. In order to be a part of an exclusive wine club, the willing enthusiasts simply has to pay a fixed amount of membership fee at the onset of his or her membership and a subsequent monthly or annual fee for a continuing specific or indefinite period of time (lifetime) membership.

French Wine Courses

With the increase in the consumption of French wine all over the world and the desire to further increase the French wine market, many governmental and private institutions are aided by the French government and wine companies, and have been successful in introducing various courses on French wine. These wine courses are very vast in their content and as such, cannot be contained in one particular course. There are different courses that are specific to a particular area of French wine production and the wine industry. The wine courses deal with varied areas as diverse as wine production, the different kinds of wines, the various wine producing regions of France and their specialties, wine appraisal techniques, methods of storing French wine and other similar aspects.

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