Non-wine related activities in Napa Valley

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If you are planning a visit to Napa Valley and you need a list of things to do that don’t have anything to do with wine, this is the video for you! Just a few non-wine related activities for you to explore when visiting wine country. A couple things I left out of the video are Hot Air Ballon Rides and Horseback Riding. I will do separate videos on those. Subscribe to the Motha Fu@ggin channel for more wine vids!!

Cheese and Wine Gift Baskets

Personalizing a wedding or anniversary gift is easy when you choose a wine and cheese gift basket; you can select all of their favorite food specialties.

Champagne Secrets

Champagne, or sparkling wine as it is known outside of France, certainly conjures up romantic images. Champagne has a reputation for being THE beverage to serve at most special occasions. And rightfully so.

Tawny Port – How is it Made?

Tawny ports are fantastic drinking ports made in a unique way to ensure the taste is right. A good port to start with, if one is not sure. Enjoy.

Which Oak Is Best For Making Wine?

There is always discussion on what is best and the selection of oak for wine barrels is no exception. Wine barrels are usually made from oak. Oak trees grow in many parts of the world, yet the affect on wine production is clearly a mystery, thus enabling the debate to continue.

Fortified Wines – How Are They Made?

Fortified wines are enjoyed by many people all over the world. Ever wondered how they are made? Here is a brief description of the processes involved.

Tawny Port – The Best Value Port

Tawny ports are becoming the best value ports around. In winter they are great and in summer, chill the port first and enjoy the experience.

5 Tips to Turn Wine Tasting into New Business

Want new clients for your business? Turn a simple wine club into the best networking group you’ve ever been a member of!

Wine Food Pairing – I Always Thought Outside Of The Box!

Wine food Pairing…it’s time to start thinking “inside” the box! Delightful wines now available in convenient boxes for the storage conscious boater.

How To Make Beer

Let me tell you making your own beer is easy, inexpensive and lots of fun. Beer making has become quite popular over the years, which means there is a wide variety of top quality ingredients available.

Adventures in Wine Food Pairing

The Adventure and challenges of Wine Food Pairing… experiment and ENJOY! Wine Food Pairing is an adventure, not an exact science. It is important that you do not take yourself too seriously, but to experiment and enjoy the wonderful tastes and textures of wines that are available to us today!

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