Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine – Tasted and Rated

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In this video I try two non alcoholic sparkling wines.
One wine is from Eisberg – a White, and the other is a supermarket own brand called Fizzero – a Rose

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One Complete Breathing System Creates an Exceptional Wine Experience!

Learn how wine aerators work and why these little devices can improve the overall quality of your next glass of wine. It describes the one complete breathing system that is necessary with many of today’s wines.

Pewter Wine Goblet Tips

You will certainly agree that giving pewter wine goblets as a gift can be a wonderful idea. Lovers in particular simply see it as a source of addition to their enjoyment considering the light it can catch to add a lot more value.

Wine – A Royal Drink

Wine is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting the grape juice with the help of various kinds of yeast. The yeast tends to absorb the sugar present in the grape juice and converts the same into alcohol. Wine is a special, natural and old alcoholic drink…

How to Store Wine – 5 Important Pointers

Are you planning on storing your wine longer than one year? If so, then you need to follow a few basic rules to keep it in top condition.

Interesting Wine Bottle Labels

If you drink wine regularly, you may not be too concerned with wine bottle labels. You’re probably more concerned with the taste and quality of your drink than anything else. Still, wine bottle labels can be fun, adding some character to what might otherwise appear to be a generic bottle of wine.

What You Should Consider in Trying Any Homebrew Beer Recipes?

Brewing your own beer from home can prove to be a great and fun hobby. If cooking is a hobby, then why can’t beer brewing? They are pretty much the same when it comes to procedure and convenience. Just like in cooking or baking, brewers also use homebrew beer recipes in creating their “finished products.”

A Wine Consumer Issue

If you ever wanted to buy wine direct from the grower and ship it to your home, you may not be able to. An issue exists that affects wine consumers through either restrictions on shipping or an out right ban. You need to understand the issue and perhaps get involved.

A White and Red Wine Christmas After the Tornado

My wife is from Parkersburg, Iowa. That’s where they had the F5 tornado in May of 2008 that destroyed half the town and the only grocery store. We travel to Parkersburg to celebrate Christmas every year and there is much wine consumed during the week we are there. There is no liquor store in Parkersburg and the only place that sold wine was, you guessed it, the grocery store that no longer existed. By November of last year I was in a panic.

My Passion For Wine – An Average American Entrepreneur’s Wine Manifesto

Recently we built a wine room, and we did it on a budget. It’s probably more of a wine closet than a full-fledged room. Little did I know that a 300-bottle collection would cost thousands of dollars to stock or about ten times what it cost to build and refrigerate the room. The coolest part is the biometric finger-print entry lock. I purchased a small safe with a finger-print entry system, cut off the metal door of the safe and mounted it on the door of my wine room.

Why You Should Own at Least One of the Various Wine Aerators

Here’s an informative article on why wine aerators should be a part of any kitchen. You’ll find out how aerators for wine work and how they can affect the taste and aroma of a great glass of wine.

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