New World vs Old World Cabernet Franc

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In 6 minutes Madeline Puckette compares New vs Old World Cabernet Franc and fails to pick a favorite. See wine details:

Tips on Different Wine Tasting Glasses to Choose From

The average individual may not realize that there are many styles of wine tasting glasses to choose from while a wine connoisseur is sure to pay close attention to the glass they are drinking from. Some individuals believe that a wine tasting glass should be chosen for the type of wine to be tasted. Others believe that the glass does not play such a role in wine tasting.

Creative Ways to Use Recycled Wine Bottles

An increase in overall wine consumption and the trend to take steps to save the earth have lead to an increased need to recycle wine bottles. Efforts to meet this increased demand are being taken on by both recycling centers and lager organizations, as well as, by individuals who have made a hobby of turning used bottles into unique, collectible household items.

Here Are Some Beer Health Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

beer health benefits are great for a number of ailments check out what you are missing out on here…

Light Beer Vs Non Light Beers

It has been said that Benjamin Franklin once said that beer is proof that there is a God and that he wants us all to be happy. Some doubt he actually said this, and some believe if he did in fact say this, he may have said this after a few beers of his own. Whether or not he said it or not, or someone else did, there may be truth to the statement.

The Many Varieties of Beer

It has been said that Benjamin Franklin may have once said beer is proof that there is a God and he wants us to be happy. If this is so he may have been a little inebriated when he did. There are doubts, of course, that he even actually said this.

World’s Best Beers

People say Benjamin Franklin once said that beer is the proof that there is a God and he wants us to be happy. There are those who doubt he even said this, of course but there are those who will believe that if he did make this statement, he may have been intoxicated from this beer. Whoever said it or how it was meant to be said, has made a good point.

Wine, Alcopops and Life – A Discussion of Under Age Drinking

Alcohol is becoming more and more readily available to people of all ages. While it used to be only adults who had easy access to alcopops and wine, teenagers and even some children are finding it increasingly easy to get their hands on drink if they so choose…

Alcoholic Beverages and Your Body

This article explores how alcohol affects your health and body. Discover the positives and negatives that drinking alcohol does for you.

The World’s Palates Love the Wine of Australia

Australia has a great reputation for wine growing the world over. Our usage of French style grapes together with the variety of different soils and climates make Australia a wine makers dream. But enjoying our wine and our wine reputation, how many of us really know the wine of Australia? The Buy Wine Online team have snuffled out a few interesting facts and interesting tidbits about the red wine, white wine and sparkling which makes Australia great.

What the Limited 2010 Grape Harvest Means For Oklahoma Winery Labels

According to some recent articles coming out of Oklahoma, the grape crop will be a much smaller one this season as many growers decided early on not to allow their fruit to get to maturity due to smaller demand levels in sales. Instead, many will be purchasing bulk wine sourced from California. According to the Oklahoma winery owners this is better for them financially. From a compliance standpoint it also potentially impacts what can be used on their labels.

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